Bible Code ‘proves’ Obama is the Antichrist

Bible Code ‘proves’ Obama is the Antichrist October 16, 2014

Citing new Biblical “research,” Christian conservatives are once again making the argument that President Barack Obama is the Antichrist.

Jonathan Wright, an “analyst” trained in the discredited “Bible Code,” recently appeared on the popular Christian program “Trunews” to make the case for Obama being the Antichrist, or at the least the harbinger of the Antichrist.

Using the Bible Code as evidence, Wright told “Trunews” host Rick Wiles that Obama is either the Antichrist or the harbinger of the Antichrist, arguing that because Obama wears a Muslim wedding ring with the inscription “There’s no God but Allah and Muhammad is his Messenger,” Obama must be the Antichrist.

The only problem is that Obama does not wear a Muslim wedding ring. The rumor that Obama wears a Muslim wedding ring has been thoroughly debunked by Snopes, yet Christian conservatives with a taste for conspiracy and a commitment to denigrating Obama at every opportunity, continue to trot out the silly falsehood.

The following is an excerpt from the conversation between Wiles and Wright:

Wiles: So either Barack Obama is the Man of Sin, commonly known as the Antichrist, the Bible doesn’t say ‘Antichrist’ it says ‘Man of Sin.’

Wright: That’s right.

Wiles: Either Barack Obama is the Man of Sin or he is strongly connected to the Man of Sin or the spirit of Antichrist.

Wright: That’s right. Those are my only — I’ve tried to look at this as an investigation not with an agenda, by the way, but what I’ve come up with those have to be the possibilities. Let’s just face it, he’s got a ring on that says, ‘There’s no God but Allah and Mohammad is his Messenger.’ Now, by definition, that’s Antichrist.

Wright also claims to have found significant evidence for Obama being the Antichrist by searching out the Bible Code and finding connections between the name “Obama,” and satanic terms like “Beelzebub,” “Lucifer,” and “the Beast.”

Of particular import to Wright seems to be the fact that Obama’s armored limousine is nicknamed “The Beast.”

Both Wiles and Wright agreed that Obama is likely the Antichrist because a fly once landed on him, something that has apparently only has ever happened to Obama.

Wright told Wiles:

“And there’s always the photos that you see everywhere with the flies landing on his face. I can show you in the codes where he’s got a strong connection to the Lord of the Flies, Beelzebub.”

Wiles added:

“I call him Beelze-lip; Because he had those flies stuck to his lip.”

Wright insists that he has “nothing against” Obama, he is just reporting on the unambiguous truth found in the Bible Code.

(H/T  Right Wing Watch)

Bible Proves Obama’s The Antichrist (Image via Wonkette)


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