Islamic State declares war on Michele Bachmann

Islamic State declares war on Michele Bachmann October 21, 2014

After controversial conservative Michele Bachmann urged President Barack Obama to declare war on the Islamic State, the Islamic State has declared war on Michele Bachmann.

Politico reports federal law enforcement officials are taking a threat issued against Rep. Michele Bachmann by the Islamic State so seriously that Capitol Police have given the Minnesota Republican her own security detail.

Officials confirmed that Bachmann received a Capitol Police security detail last week after they came to believe that she was the subject of an online Islamic State threat. The source of their concern was an ISIS-linked video that featured a clip from Bachmann’s September speech to the 2014 Values Voter Summit, a source told Fox News.

At the 2014 Values Voter Summit Bachmann said:

It’s because we have jihadists who subscribe to a radical ideology that believes dying in the name of Islam gets them to heaven. And what we need to do is to defeat this Islamic jihad. Sadly, President Obama has the wrong prescription. He even fails to acknowledge their motivations for bringing about jihad. Yes, Mr. President, it is about Islam.

And I believe if you have an evil of an order of this magnitude, you take it seriously. You declare war on it, you don’t dance around it. Just like the Islamic State has declared war on the United States of America.

You kill their leader, you kill their councils, you kill their army until they wave the white flag of surrender. That’s how you win a war!

The clip in the alleged ISIS video creates the impression that Bachmann is, in fact, urging a war on Islam, a charge Bachmann’s office denies. A spokesman for Bachmann disputed that characterization of her speech: “It is abundantly clear to anybody who actually bothered to watch her speech that she was referring to declaring war on the Islamic State,” said Dan Kotman, the Bachmann spokesman.

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