Being Thankful without God on Thanksgiving Day

Being Thankful without God on Thanksgiving Day November 26, 2014

On Thanksgiving Day one can be thankful, without thanking a god.

One may appreciate friends and family, good food, good health, the simple pleasures of life, without paying homage to an imaginary deity.

Thanksgiving is a time when Americans come together, to feast, to commune with one another, and to appreciate the many gifts and challenges that life has bestowed upon them.

On Thanksgiving Day we reflect upon and appreciate the gift of one another, the gift of life, and the gift of wonder.

We can do this without believing that these gifts require some all-powerful, invisible force to bestow them upon us.

Some may lack the intellectual ability, the moral imagination, the cognitive courage to accept that one can be thankful for the wondrous gifts and challenges life provides, without also believing that there must be some invisible force doing the providing and giving.

Assuming such a supernatural force exists is neither required nor warranted.

To be able to appreciate one’s good fortune, and to take stock of one’s existential condition, is a profoundly human activity. To be able to engage in this activity without the conceptual crutch a belief in some deity provides is the mark of moral and intellectual maturity.

Thanksgiving can be a marvelous celebration of life – god, as always, is optional.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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