Humanist Service Corps going to Ghana to aid women accused of witchcraft

Humanist Service Corps going to Ghana to aid women accused of witchcraft November 28, 2014

Volunteers wanted: Humanists are going to Ghana to aid women living in witch camps, settlements where women accused of witchcraft are forced to flee to in order to avoid being killed by neighbors.

Applications are currently being accepted for the secular mission:

Beginning in the summer of 2015, the Humanist Service Corps will work with Songtaba and other Ghanaian human rights organizations to address the causes and the consequences of witchcraft accusations in the Northern Region. Humanist Service Corps volunteers will collaborate with local leaders in the design and implementation of 6-12 month clean water, housing, healthcare, poverty abatement, infrastructure-building, and community education projects that contribute to the short-term goal of improving the standard of living in the witch camps and the long-term goal of eliminating the dynamics which lead to death or forcible and violent exile of women from their communities.

HSC will cover volunteer travel, transportation, and housing costs. Additionally, HSC will provide a living stipend to all volunteers.

The secular mission is being sponsored by the Humanist Service Corps, an international volunteering program of Foundation Beyond Belief, a nonprofit organization founded to focus, encourage, and demonstrate humanist generosity and compassion.

The Humanist Service Corps provides an avenue for humanists to engage in global cultural exchange while working to protect human rights and the environment. HSC partners with local organizations and individuals to encourage sustainable programs and practices in their communities.

This is a great cause, and a wonderful response to needless human suffering caused by religious superstition and ignorance.



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