Mom kills son believing boy would be better off in heaven

Mom kills son believing boy would be better off in heaven December 17, 2014

A Kansas woman has been charged with first-degree murder after she beat and stabbed her 10-year-old son to death believing the boy would be better off in heaven, free from future suffering.

Lindsey Blansett was charged with first-degree murder on Tuesday, Dec. 16, after allegedly killing her 10-year-old son, Caleb. Court documents state that on Sunday, December 14, Blansett unlawfully, intentionally and with premeditation killed her son.

The following is a graphic excerpt from the criminal complaint filed by Sumner County Attorney Kerwin Spencer:

“…after her son, CB, age ten, had gone to bed, she (Blansett) decided his life would be full of suffering and pain and that it would be better for him to go to heaven tonight. She took a knife and rock into his bedroom, struck him with the rock and stabbed him with the knife multiple times until he was dead.”

Bond for Blansett was set at $500,000. She’s expected to be back in court on Thursday.

Struggling to wrap his mind around what happened, Clint Blansett, Caleb’s father, said he feels robbed of his life with his son. But even during such a trying time, he says his faith is what’s getting him through:

“Caleb was an angel, he was an angel and I know without a doubt in my mind he’s sitting at the right hand of Jesus…”

And the madness continues…

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Caleb and Lindsey Blansett
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