Bill Maher defends free speech, shames liberal bullies

Bill Maher defends free speech, shames liberal bullies January 17, 2015

For The Win: Bill Maher gives a brilliant defense of free speech while pointing out the moral failure of liberal bullies trying to censor and stifle any criticism or satire of Islam.

In the final segment of Friday’s edition of HBO’s Real Time, Maher took aim at all those who oppose free speech, liberals and conservatives alike.

Maher castigated Pope Francis and Catholic League President Bill Donohue for suggesting blasphemy justifies violence, joking:

Because whether you’re representing the prince of peace or the religion of peace threatening violence is a great way to drive home the point that you’re secure in your medieval beliefs.

Maher correctly points out that blaming the publisher of Charlie Hebo for provoking the terrorist attack against the publication is “like saying the rape victim didn’t understand that her clothes were too provocative.”

Maher also called out confused liberals trying to stifle criticism of Islam by calling critics of Islam “bigots” and “racists,” noting:

Yeah, liberals hate bullying alright but they’re not opposed to using it when they causally through out words like ‘bigot’ and ‘racist.’

About the liberal bullying Maher added:

It does cower people into avoiding this debate. And if you’re doing that, you don’t get to wear the ‘Je suis Charlie’ button; the button you wear is ‘Je suis part of the problem.’

Maher also made fun of Islamic extremists, comparing the love of Islam with the love of smoking marijuana:

Like, say you are, …Muslim. And you love, love, love you some Islam. It’s what uplifts you and inspires you and you can’t imagine your life without for what everyone doesn’t love it too. Believe me, I get that, that’s how I feel about weed. But when someone criticizes weed, I think, “good, more for me,” not off with their head.

Maher on the power of satire and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un:

…as a comedian I like it that jokes can hurt. I like it that Kim Jong-un was wounded by a movie. If you’re a satirist, that’s winning.

On free speech:

“Free speech only works if there are no waivers. No waivers. Including for religion.”

Watch the Video below.

(YouTube screen grab)
(YouTube screen grab)

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