Conservative college group demands gay students learn respect for traditional values

Conservative college group demands gay students learn respect for traditional values March 10, 2015

Persecution complex: A conservative college organization at George Washington University is demanding LGBT students be required to take mandatory classes to learn respect for traditional marriage and conservative Christian values.

Members of the Young America’s Foundation (YAF) student organization at George Washington University (GW) are demanding that LGBT students be forced to take mandatory sensitivity training to learn respect for conservative Christian values and traditional marriage, while at the same time seeking a religious exemption from college wide mandatory LGBT sensitivity training.

The young conservatives are throwing a fit after the GW Student Association voted in favor of mandatory training sessions concerning LGBT issues for student leaders and faculty, as well as publishing a list of gender-neutral bathrooms and adding a gender-neutral option to all office forms.

Responding to the controversy, YAF Vice President Patrick Coyle wrote the following on the group’s website:

Why is there not sensitivity training for gay and liberal groups to respect the free speech rights of other groups on campus? Why has the student association not considered similar training to teach students to respect those who believe in traditional marriage?

The hateful atmosphere that currently exists at The George Washington University will remain as long as the university allows liberal bullies to intimidate and attack students or clubs that dare to express opinions different from their own.

GW YAF President Emily Jashinsky told The GW Hatchet, the student paper:

Mandated training is not really being very tolerant of all religious beliefs. The way that people who are deeply Christian behave is for a reason, and if you’re training them to change that behavior, there’s obviously a problem with that.

Jashinsky also said certain aspects of the training, like learning how to use transgender students’ preferred pronouns, would be ideas that members of the group “don’t believe in.”

Allied in Pride, a pro-LGBT group at GW, released a blistering statement arguing that  if YAF members refuse to abide by Student Association rules the organization should have its funding revoked and be labeled a “hate group” –

The Young America’s Foundation is a political organization, not a religious one, so they cannot seek a religious exemption. And their refusal to use preferred gender pronouns should be considered an act of violence and a violation of the non-discrimination clause required in all GW student organizations’ Constitutions.

The YAF bills itself as the “principal outreach organization of the Conservative Movement.” The group often hosts conservative speakers, attends pro-life rallies and protests same-sex marriage.  Next month, the group will host a visit from former Republican senator and presidential candidate Rick Santorum.

(H/T GW Hatchet, Raw Story)

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