Ayaan Hirsi Ali advocates for Muslim LGBT at American Atheists Convention

Ayaan Hirsi Ali advocates for Muslim LGBT at American Atheists Convention April 6, 2015

Giving voice to the voiceless: Ayaan Hirsi Ali makes a passionate plea for LGBT people faced with discrimination, abuse and death in the Muslim world.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali was the keynote speaker at the American Atheists Convention this weekend, and she used her platform to offer an eloquent plea on behalf of LGBT people living in Muslim dominated countries, while also pointing out the obvious truth that Islam is a greater global threat than Christianity in the current geopolitical milieu.

During her address, Ayaan asked her audience to imagine what it is like being gay in a Muslim dominated country:

But I just want you to think about being Muslim and gay today. In the worst case scenario – you have seen it on television, on YouTube – to be accused, you don’t even have to be gay, if you are accused of being gay, you are marched to the tallest building in town and bullies throw you off that building. And there is a crowd of people waiting there to stone you with glee. And as they do that, they scream ‘Allahu Akbar’. And they cite that that is how the punishment is for gays in the Quran and in the Hadith. This is 2015.

In the best case scenario, if one finds out that you are gay, and in Islam stories about lesbians are not told that much, but if you are a gay guy and you think I don’t like girls, what will your family do? They will force you into marriage. I know that over the years I have spoken out about forced marriages of girls and women, but there is also the forced marriage of the gay community. And can you imagine the kind of family that you establish in that sort of frame?

Perhaps more controversial, Ayaan also said:

Let’s stop going after Christians and Christianity. Let’s go after Islam as the most threatening doctrine of our time. Let’s ask them those questions that we put to the other religions.

Her apparent suggestion that American Atheists “stop going after Christians and Christianity” has angered some in the freethought community, because her remarks seemed to echo remarks made by some right-wing politicians who have tried to minimize the persecution and discrimination being suffered by LGBT people in the U.S. in the name of of conservative Christianity by comparing the plight of LGBT people in the U.S. to the plight of LGBT people in Muslim dominated countries.

However, both Michael Nugent and Hemant Mehta offer a more charitable reading of Ayaan’s remarks.

Her speech is well worth watching. As always she is compelling and articulate in explicating the dangers and atrocities associated with the so-called “religion of peace.”

Currently Ayaan is promoting her new book: Heretic: Why Islam Needs a Reformation Now.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali at American Atheists Convention (screen grab)
Ayaan Hirsi Ali at American Atheists Convention (screen grab)
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