Surprise: Christians exploit tragedy in Nepal to promote Jesus

Surprise: Christians exploit tragedy in Nepal to promote Jesus April 26, 2015

Without shame: Many Christians celebrate the deadly earthquake in Nepal as an opportunity to promote Christianity, using the death and destruction as a profitable and perverse justification for their own religious superstition.

The death toll from Saturday’s earthquake in Nepal has risen to at least 2,300. Hospitals in the country are over capacity, electricity has been turned off, and storage for dead bodies has run out. And while the tragedy is fresh, the religious hucksters are out in full force, promoting Christianity and selling the snake oil called “Jesus.”

Many Christian ministries are already shamelessly exploiting the tragedy as an opportunity to raise money, money that will probably never go to relieve suffering in Nepal as a result of the earthquake, but will probably go instead to bring the “good news” of Christ’s death and supposed resurrection to the people of Nepal.

Or worse, the money will never even make it to Nepal, but will instead go to “administrative costs” like big salaries and ridiculous perks to church clergy and their cronies.

And while countless Christian churches, big and small, will exploit the tragedy as a lucrative fundraising effort, everyday Christians are exploiting the tragedy to promote their own particular version of the Christian fantasy.

Some Christians celebrate the deadly earthquake as a sign of Christ’s imminent return. Others see it as a sign that God is punishing the pagan heathens of Nepal for failing to recognize Christianity as the one true religion (Nepal is about 80% Hindu and 10% Buddhist). Whatever the reason, it seems the natural disaster is a clarion call for obnoxious Christians to crow about their special relationship with Jesus.

Of course, it should be noted that not all Christians are obnoxious imbeciles eager to exploit a tragedy to justify their misguided religious superstitions, only that they invariably seem to be the loudest voices at such times.

Reasonable people with a sincere desire to help the people of Nepal without fear of promoting or profiting corrupt Christian organizations can support the recovery effort underway by donating to the Foundation Beyond Belief.

In the wake of the natural disaster in Nepal prayers are pointless, but a donation to a reputable, non-religious charity like Foundation Beyond Belief can make a difference.

(image via Twitter)
(Image via Twitter)

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