Evangelicals Gone Wild: Colorado Public High School Promotes Christianity

Evangelicals Gone Wild: Colorado Public High School Promotes Christianity May 28, 2015

A public high school in Colorado is openly promoting Christianity, intimidating non-Christians, and violating the separation of church and state in a most disturbing and flagrant violation of the U.S. Constitution.

Florence High School in Colorado is home to the Cowboy Church. The church is led by Pastor Randy Pfaff. The church meets in the school cafeteria on Sundays and is advertised with two signs hanging outside of the school.

It is legal for a church to rent space from a public school, and if that was all that was going on, it would not be a problem. However, there is much more going on at Florence High School, where Christianity is promoted and forced upon both students and faculty alike.

At Florence High School, the Christian message is constant. Pastor Randy Pfaff is a regular fixture at the school, leading prayers every morning before school around the flagpole, and hosting bible study and pizza parties during lunch. In  fact, Pastor Pfaff has the run of the school, and is even allowed to use the public address system to “preach his evangelical Christian messages.”

A brave teacher has stepped forward to confront the deplorable and unconstitutional practices of the school. A Jewish teacher, Robert Basevitz, has filed a lawsuit against Fremont RE-2 School District for religious discrimination. The suit also names as defendants Superintendent Rhonda Vendetti and Florence High School Principal Brian Schipper, both as individuals and district administrators.

Basevitz’s attorney, Paul Maxon, notes:

The administration is essentially running a public school as a Christian school.

Maxon states:

Generally speaking, students are allowed to participate in student-led groups, regardless of the content of those groups, but that’s a much different situation that we have here where these religious activities were promoted by, sponsored by and endorsed by the school faculty. That really sent a message to the students and the faculty members that the school had an official religion.

Maxon, told the Denver Post:

This is not one or two isolated incidents. On a single day, there were no less than five school-sponsored religious events. That is a pervasive involvement with religion, which is illegal.

In a statement, Rhonda Roberts, Fremont RE-2 Superintendent, denied any wrong doing. The following is an excerpt:

… Florence High School has been, and continues to be, an educational institution that does not promote religion, as contended in the complaint.

… Fremont RE-2 School District is in compliance with the guidance in law regarding the separation of church and state.

Reacting to the lawsuit, a defiant and obviously uninformed Pastor Pfaff said he would not apologize for being in Florence High School, declaring:

I don’t believe the constitution was meant to keep God out of the schools. That’s absolutely absurd. This nation was founded on Christianity.

Despite the denials from school district officials, the evidence against the school seems overwhelming, and the district is destined to lose the lawsuit if they choose to fight it.

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