Huckster for Jesus: Huckabee caught pushing fraudulent Bible cancer cures

Huckster for Jesus: Huckabee caught pushing fraudulent Bible cancer cures May 6, 2015

Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee takes heat for hustling the gullible by selling a phony cancer cure supposedly hidden in the Bible.

Appearing on CNN, Huckabee was challenged by host Jake Tapper for renting his email list to religious frauds promoting a phony cancer cure supposedly embedded in the Bible.

As Tapper explained, earlier this year Huckabee rented his email list to a group called Health Sciences Institute, which was selling a “cancer cure” supposedly hidden by God in the Bible. The email came directly from MikeHuckabee and included an intro message from the candidate about the “important information” from the sponsor.

The following is an excerpt from the letter sent out from Huckabee’s email list:

A Special message: from Health Sciences Institute

They have important information to share with you. Sponsorships like this help to allow us to continue to send you

As always, I appreciate your support.

Mike Huckabee

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Tapper asked Huckabee:

“Don’t you lose credibility by attaching your name to things like that?”

Huckabee responded:

My gosh, that’s like saying, ‘You run some ads on CNN. Do you personally agree with all the ads that run on CNN?’

I doubt you do. I’m sure there are some for maybe, I don’t know, catheters or adult diapers. They’re not products that you use or that you necessarily believe in. I don’t hold you responsible for that, and in that same way I don’t think that people that understand how advertising works would hold me responsible for something that I didn’t personally sign up for or endorse.

Tapper, however, shutdown Huckabee’s confused analogy by pointing out that the former Fox News host was creating a “false equivalence.”

Tapper said:

We’re talking about medical devices on one hand, catheters and adult diapers, and you’re talking about something I think a lot of people would consider to be hucksterism in terms of Bible verses curing cancer.

Huckabee, however, refused to see the immorality of his actions, trying to insist that it was not fair to hold him responsible for what is sent from his email address.

Watch the video below:

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(Screen Grab)


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