Pat Robertson: Treat Eating Disorders as Demonic Possession

Pat Robertson: Treat Eating Disorders as Demonic Possession May 19, 2015

Bad medicine: Televangelist Pat Robertson tells viewers to treat eating disorders “as a demonic possession thing,” and claims an eating disorder “is like a demon and it needs to be rebuked and cast out.”

Right Wing Watch reports:

Today “The 700 Club” aired a report on a rehab facility for people with eating disorders, which got Pat Robertson to thinking about someone he knew who had had an eating disorder as well as Karen Carpenter, the singer who died after suffering from anorexia.

Robertson agreed that those with eating disorders need “a whole rehab program,” but added that such disorders could also “be treated as a demonic possession thing.”

“This can be treated as a demonic possession thing,” he said, “it is like a demon and it needs to be rebuked and cast out.”

This is not the first time Robertson has made a diagnosis of demons while giving bad medical advice on his television program. Last year Robertson advised a mother that the stomach pains suffered by her son were the result of demonic possession, and that she should seek out someone experienced in “spiritual warfare” to cast out those pesky demons.

Also last year, Robertson suggested women who are atheists and reject Jesus Christ do so as a result of rape or demonic possession.

Last month an angry Robertson warned that mocking Christian fundamentalists makes God mad, and that God will soon remove “His hand of protection over America” because people are mocking Christian fundamentalists like himself.

As for eating disorders, for more information check out the National Institute of Mental Health, or consult a medical professional; do not seek out an exorcist, and do not take medical advice from Pat Robertson.

(Note: Some readers ask “Why give Pat Robertson any attention?” Answer: The 700 Club reaches a million viewers daily, and sometimes Robertson says something so outrageous and potentially dangerous that it must be confronted and rejected.)

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(Image via Screen Grab)

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