Bobby Jindal – Exorcist, Creationist, Extremist – GOP Presidential Candidate

Bobby Jindal – Exorcist, Creationist, Extremist – GOP Presidential Candidate June 24, 2015

In a GOP field full of Christian extremists, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal may be the most extreme of all.

Wednesday Jindal announced his candidacy for 2016 Republican nomination. With the announcement Jindal becomes the 13th Republican candidate for president.

Jindal, who was raised by Hindu parents but converted to Roman Catholicism, is notorious for pandering to Christian conservatives and promoting Christian extremism.

In 2008, his first year as governor of Louisiana, Jindal signed the Louisiana Science Education Act into law. The law allows teachers to promote Biblical creationism in the state’s public school science classrooms.

However, in addition to supporting creationism, Jindal also supports exorcism, and claims he has personally been involved in a successful exorcism. In a 1994 article written for the New Oxford Review, Jindal describes participating in the “exorcism” of a college friend while attending Brown University. Jindal wrote:

Kneeling on the ground, my friends were chanting, ‘Satan, I command you to leave this woman.’ Others exhorted all ‘demons to leave in the name of Christ.’

Jindal concludes the article by claiming the woman was “purified” while describing his belief in “the reality of spirits, angels and other related phenomena that I can neither touch nor see.”

In addition to creationism and exorcism, Jindal’s religious extremism also entails support for draconian restrictions on abortion and opposition to same-sex marriage and gay rights.

Last month, Jindal issued a controversial and mean-spirited executive order that will allow businesses and others to discriminate against same-sex couples.

Indeed, in Jindal’s world, religious freedom is only for Christians, while gay and lesbian citizens are to be demonized, and denied the basic and simple right to marry the one they love.

Earlier this year Jindal spoke at a controversial prayer rally, calling for a national spiritual revival and urging attendees to proselytize on behalf of their Christian beliefs. The rally was funded by the American Family Association, a Christian hate group notorious for its virulent anti-gay rhetoric and opposition to non-Christians.

As a candidate and a politician, Jindal promotes the false belief that America is a Christian nation, and is closely associated with Dominion theology, a radical right wing movement composed of Christian extremists that want to rewrite American history, and replace the secular values upon which this nation was founded with a Christian theocracy.

(Image via Wikimedia)
(Image via Wikimedia)

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