Christian Pastor Prays For Caitlyn Jenner’s Death

Christian Pastor Prays For Caitlyn Jenner’s Death June 10, 2015

A Christian pastor in Arizona is publicly praying for the death of Caitlyn Jenner, claiming Jenner is “the evangelist of sodomy and filth to the world.”

Pastor Steven Anderson of Faithful Word Baptist Church is praying for God to rip out Jenner’s heart and cast her soul into the fiery depths of Hell.

Anderson prayed for the death of Caitlyn Jenner during remarks he made on Sunday while preaching to his faithful flock. Anderson told his congregation he hated Jenner with “a perfect hatred,” and the congregation murmured back their agreement.

Referring to Jenner’s recent appearance on the cover of Vanity Fair as a “filthy sodomite picture,” Pastor Anderson went on a transphobic tirade while trying to justify his extreme hatred for transexuals like Jenner. Anderson declared:

I’d never even heard of him until this week. Bruce Jenner has basically mutilated his body, apparently, and he’s being praised by our president.

Anderson railed at President Obama for acknowledging Jenner:

Our President Obama is praising him, or praising her – we don’t even know what it is. I think that (Obama) used the female pronoun about somebody named Bruce.

About Jenner, Anderson said:

This person is just the evangelist of sodomy and filth to the world, and people are like, ‘Oh, we need to pray for him so that he finds Jesus.’

I’m going to pray that he dies and goes to Hell.

Anderson continued:

Look, I have nothing but hate — when I see a man dressed up as a woman, who has mutilated his body to become a woman, and say ‘Hey, look at me everybody. Look at me kids!’ I mean, the kids in America today — 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 10 years old are seeing this freak and having their minds perverted and ruined permanently. Listen to me, I hate him with a perfect hatred. I have no love — NO LOVE — for this Bruce freak. I hope he dies today. I hope he dies and goes to Hell. He’s disgusting, he’s filthy, he’s reprobate. I would pray all these prayers in Psalm 69. I would pray all this in Psalm 69 and 129 toward him.

Note how Anderson is constantly misgendering Jenner, insisting on using the male pronoun, and saying such charming things as:

I pray that his heart would explode right now.

Anderson is no stranger to controversy. Previously the controversial and offensive Baptist pastor publicly prayed for President Obama’s death, promoted anti-semitic propaganda, and spoke out against the evils of allowing women to speak or teach in church.

Last December, claiming “God commands it,” the controversial Arizona pastor called for the execution of all LGBT people, promising an “AIDS free Christmas” as a result.

Conclusion: Pastor Anderson, and other extreme conservative Christians who think like him, are dangerous individuals. Their perverse religious superstitions allow them to advocate for death and discrimination against those they do not like and do not understand.

(H/T AddictingInfo, ChristianNightmares)

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