Duggars Blame Anti-Christian Media Conspiracy, Deny Josh is a Pedophile

Duggars Blame Anti-Christian Media Conspiracy, Deny Josh is a Pedophile June 4, 2015

Speaking with Megyn Kelly on Fox News, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar denied their son Josh was a pedophile and blamed the media for targeting the family in an anti-Christian conspiracy.

Claiming their son only fondled their daughters and an undereage babysitter over and under their clothes, the parents argued it “was nothing like rape” but only “inappropriate touching.”

Jim Bob Duggar argued that their son Josh was technically not a pedophile because he was 15 and not 16 when the sexual assaults supposedly came to an end.

Jim Bob said:

… actually a pedophile is an adult that preys on children. Joshua was actually 14 and just turned 15 when he did what he did.

I think the legal definition is 16 and up for an adult preying on a child. He was a child preying on a child.

Minimizing the victimization of her daughters by their son, and implying there was an anti-Christian media conspiracy working against the family, Michelle Duggar said:

I feel like this is more about — there is an agenda and there are people that are purposing to try to bring things out and twisting them to hurt and slander.

At one point, Jim Bob, echoing the theme that the family is a victim of an Anti-Christian media conspiracy, said:

And when you’re in every newspaper and everything throughout the world, I mean, it’s been an unprecedented attack on our family…

The whole interview was a rather horrid display as two profoundly ignorant parents tried to justify and rationalize the criminal actions of their son, the sexual victimization of their daughters, and their own culpability in covering up the crimes of abuse.

To her credit, Megyn Kelly, despite being an employee of Fox News, was, for the most part, fair and balanced in the interview. She did a good job of presenting the facts and allowing the Duggars to speak for themselves.

The Duggars, however, did not do so well. They came across as being disingenuous and self-serving. As one perceptive blogger notes, the interview was an attempt to “minimize, deny and obfuscate.”

Watch the full interview below:

(Image via Screen Grab)
(Image via Screen Grab)

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