Glenn Beck Mansplains Menstruation: It’s a ‘God Given Sadness’

Glenn Beck Mansplains Menstruation: It’s a ‘God Given Sadness’ June 12, 2015

Hey ladies, are you sad during your special time of the month? Let ladies man Glenn Beck and his all male panel mansplain the mysteries of the menstrual period.

According to Beck and his guest, right-wing Rabbi Daniel Lapin, a menstrual period represents death, and is a “God given sadness.”

According to these guys, ladies are sad because they can’t reproduce like men.

Lapin explains:

… the good Lord created men with an infinite capacity to produce seed at almost any age whereas he chose to create women with an absolute finite limited number of eggs. And so the loss of an egg every month, for any sensitive woman, is sad because it’s one less opportunity for life. And so foolish and insensitive people say, ‘Oh, it’s just a hormonal imbalance,’ it isn’t; it’s a genuine, authentic sadness which suffuses any sensitive woman at the loss of an egg.

An excited Beck confirmed the rabbi’s revelation, proclaiming:

Wow, I’ve never thought of it that way. It is actually a God-given sadness.

Because, you know, the ladies are sad because they don’t have a penis, and because God hates them. Sorry ladies. Looks like God is still mad about the forbidden fruit thing, and that Dude really holds a grudge.

(H/T Right Wing Watch)

(Image via YouTube Screen Grab)
(Image via YouTube Screen Grab)

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