Michele Bachmann Advocates Christian Indoctrination For Immigrants

Michele Bachmann Advocates Christian Indoctrination For Immigrants June 1, 2015

Former Republican Rep. Michele Bachmann is upset that an increasing number of Americans are identifying as social liberals, and believes indoctrinating immigrants into “America’s predominant Christian religion” would help reverse the progressive trend.

Bachmann, speaking with the conservative World Net Daily, discussed the question “Why America is moving left” along with fellow conservatives Ann Coulter and Phyllis Schlafly.

Right Wing Watch reports that all three, Schlafly, Coulter, and Bachmann, agreed that people who identify as social liberals reject conservative and Christian values, and therefore aren’t true Americans.

All three blamed immigrants for the growing number of social liberals. Bachmann lamented so-called political correctness, declaring:

Immigrants from Third-World nations aren’t expected to learn American values, norms, or culture, much less the English language.

Bachmann went on to endorse the indoctrination of recently arrived immigrants into “America’s predominant Christian religion,” stating:

In fact, It is severely frowned upon to suggest new immigrants join America’s predominant Christian religion.

Bachmann is well known for her often outlandish promotion of Christianity. In fact, earlier this year President Barack Obama, speaking at the White House Correspondents Dinner, joked about Bachmann’s wacky Christian extremism:

Michele Bachmann actually predicted I would bring about the biblical end of days. Now that’s a legacy — that’s big. I mean, Lincoln, Washington — they didn’t do that.

The good natured joke was funny, and the room erupted with laughter. However, many conservative Christians were angry Obama poked fun at Bachmann’s silly superstitions.

Bachmann lives in a world of fantasy fueled by the myths of Christianity, and often publicly advocates for her outrageous and often offensive brand of Christian extremism.

Previously Bachmann has attributed the success of the United States to the Ten Commandments, claiming U.S. lawmakers stand “under the authority” of the ancient biblical figure Moses.

On a much more ominous note, Bachmann has been responsible for spreading a great deal of dangerous and misleading information, including the despicable and completely false claim that gays promote child rape and pedophelia.

(Image via Flickr)
(Image via Flickr)
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