Terrorists Win: Charlie Hebdo Will No Longer Draw Muhammad

Terrorists Win: Charlie Hebdo Will No Longer Draw Muhammad July 20, 2015

In a victory for Islamic terrorism, publishers at Charlie Hebdo declare they will no longer draw the Prophet Muhammad.

In a recent interview the editor of Charlie Hebdo, Laurent Sourisseau, told the German magazine Stern that the publication will no longer publish cartoons depicting the Prophet Muhammad.

The disappointing statement comes six months after a deadly attack on the magazine’s offices. Last January Islamic terrorists stormed the Paris offices of Charlie Hebdo, a weekly satirical magazine known for lampooning all religions, including Islam and the Prophet Muhammad, killing 12 people.

Sourisseau, who was injured in the terrorist attack against Charlie Hebdo, opined:

We have done our job. We have defended the right to caricature. We have drawn Muhammad to defend the principle that one can draw whatever they want. It is a bit strange though: we are expected to exercise a freedom of expression that no one dares to.

It is hard to blame Sourisseau for giving up on drawing Muhammad after watching his friends and colleagues gunned down for simply publishing a cartoon, and to be later called a racist by misguided liberals and Muslim apologists for daring to publish a cartoon of Muhammad.

It is all too clear that the price for satirizing Islam is dear, a price much higher than the price of satirizing any other religious superstition.

And so in the battle over free speech, the terrorists have won. It is a sad fact that through the use of violence, Islamic extremists have achieved their aim, and made any publication of a drawing of the Prophet Muhammad near impossible.

The main stream media is of course complicit in this tragic and dangerous state of affairs. Their refusal to publish cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad and offend the so-called “delicate sensibilities” of Muslim extremists is hypocritical and cowardly.

Bottom line: A dangerous precedent has been set – if some group is offended by speech, they can silence that speech through violence.

(Image via Facebook)
(Image via Facebook)


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