Theocracy Alert: GOP War on Women Goes Global

Theocracy Alert: GOP War on Women Goes Global July 11, 2015

GOP presidential candidates pledge to promote Christian patriarchy by denying women access to reproductive health care “at home and around the world.”

Earlier this week at the National Right to Life Committee’s convention in New Orleans Republican presidential hopefuls pledged to fight Roe v. Wade, deny women the right to choose, and promote an agenda of misogyny dictated by religious conservatives.

Appearing at the anti-women, anti-abortion, Christian conservative gathering were GOP presidential candidates Dr. Ben Carson of Maryland, former Texas Governor Rick Perry, former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum, Florida Senator Marco Rubio and Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal. In addition, former Florida Governor Jeb Bush and Texas Senator Ted Cruz sent video messages to the convention.

Speaking at the anti-abortion convention, Senator Marco Rubio called the historic Roe v. Wade decision “egregiously flawed” while promising to continue the fight to restrict a woman’s right to choose “at home and around the world.”

Former Texas Governor Rick Perry gave a rambling and confused speech boasting of the radical anti-choice legislation that he signed into law as governor, and claiming that he would be the most “pro-life” of all the GOP presidential candidates.

Comparing abortion rights to “cancer,” former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum declared that the Supreme Court’s decision striking down bans on gay marriage was part of the spread of the “cancer” that began with Roe v. Wade.

This collection of immoral imbeciles demand mandatory motherhood while pushing a misogynistic agenda that would deny a woman’s right to control her own reproductive health. Indeed, many Republicans would deny a woman an abortion no matter what the circumstances, even in the case of rape or incest.

Make no mistake, Christian extremists are driving the GOP, and they are determined to take this country and the world into a new era of darkness informed by ignorance and religious superstition, an era that would set back the cause of women’s rights over 50 years.

(Image via Wikimedia)
(Image via Wikimedia)
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