Mississippi Mayor Claims Prayers Will Fix Potholes

Mississippi Mayor Claims Prayers Will Fix Potholes August 22, 2015

Jesus Paves? Jackson Mayor Tony Yarber is encouraging citizens to pray for the city’s infrastructure, proclaiming “Yes….I believe we can pray potholes away.”

Mayor Yarber addressed the city of Jackson’s infrastructure problems via Twitter yesterday with the following Tweet:

Mayor Yarber is obviously confused, and most probably unfit for public office. Prayers will not fix potholes, and to claim otherwise is simply delusional.

Yarber was elected Mayor of Jackson in April of 2014. Before being elected, he was a school teacher and  an elementary school principal. Yarber is also Pastor and Founder of the non-denominational Relevant Empowerment Church.

Bottom line: The citizens of Jackson, the capital and the largest city in the state of Mississippi, deserve better than prayers for potholes.

(Image via Twitter)
(Image via Twitter)


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