Tennessee Televangelist: God Commands Christians To Kill Gays

Tennessee Televangelist: God Commands Christians To Kill Gays August 18, 2015

A Tennessee based televangelist condemns “liberal society” while claiming God commands Christians to stone gays and prevent women from teaching.

In a Sunday broadcast for The Gospel of Christ television program, televangelist Ben Bailey of the Central church of Christ in McMinnville, Tennessee, condemned Christians for going to churches with “relaxed and liberal views.”

In the broadcast Pastor Bailey argues against liberal, progressive interpretations of Christianity, while maintaining that God does not approve of gay marriage or homosexuality, noting:

God does not approve of homosexuality or gay marriage. The scripture says… that is vile, unnatural and deserving of a penalty… It’s an abomination that under the Old Testament deserved stoning.

Besides suggesting that good Christians should be executing gays via stoning, Pastor Bailey also claims that women are not equal to men in the eyes of God, and should not be allowed to preach or lead church services. Bailey declares:

He [God] has a definite standard and it is not the liberal mindset that we see today. This book [the Bible] does not condone things like women preaching… Paul said, ‘I do not let a woman preach or to be an authority over a man,’ that’s not according to the Bible. If I’m out to please God, we don’t find things like that in the Bible.

The main thrust of Pastor Bailey’s sermon was to condemn liberal Christians and liberal society while promoting that old time religion. Bailey complained that too many Christians want

things like women preaching, women leading in service, where homosexuals and gay marriage were accepted openly.

Bailey continues:

They were just looking for something liberal. Something that didn’t criticize or condemn or didn’t have any hardcore standards on anything — anything goes type of mentality.

And so, is our God, the God of the Bible, wanting us to go somewhere where it’s liberal relaxed views and anything goes. No, that’s the effect of a very liberal society. And we need to make sure that such is not the idea or the mindset of God.

Pastor Bailey is a dangerous religious extremist and speaks for only a minority of Christians. It should be noted that many Christians are good and decent people who support marriage equality and women’s rights. Even if some Christians oppose same-sex marriage, most do not want to see gays executed as described in the Old Testament.

Perhaps what is most alarming is the calm, matter of fact, and reasonable manner in which Pastor Bailey delivers what is a horrific message. The good pastor is not foaming at the mouth or ranting like a lunatic. If one is not paying attention one might miss the fact that this pastor is preaching an extreme message of hate, a message that proclaims that the killing of gays and the treatment of women as second class citizens is the will of God.

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(Image via Screen Grab)
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