God Abandons Scott Walker’s Presidential Bid

God Abandons Scott Walker’s Presidential Bid September 21, 2015

After previously claiming that his bid to be the next president of the United States is “not just man’s calling” but “God’s calling,” Scott Walker suspends his presidential campaign.

The Wisconsin governor was just another Christian extremist in a GOP field dominated by Christian extremists. Walker, the son of a Baptist pastor, holds obnoxious and extreme Christian positions, including opposition to abortion rights and marriage equality.

Particularly odious is Walker’s extreme anti-intellectualism, and his attack on higher education.

Currently Walker is waging a holy war against higher education, a war being driven by the anti-intellectualism of conservative Christian extremism.

Walker, a college dropout, is doing everything in his power to destroy one of America’s premier public universities, the University of Wisconsin.

As for reproductive health care, Walker has been a leader in the GOP war on women. In Wisconsin, Walker’s draconian mandatory ultrasound law is part of a larger project promoted by the religious right to deny women access to abortion, and undermine women’s access to health care.

Recently Walker bragged about his anti-choice, anti-woman record, even going so far as to say that forcing a woman seeking an abortion to first obtain a medically unnecessary and invasive ultrasound as “a lovely thing” and a “cool thing.”

As for foreign relations, while appearing overseas an audience in London laughed at the Wisconsin Governor and now Republican presidential candidate for refusing to say whether or not he believed in evolution.

Walker is not unique in his contempt for higher education, for women, and for scientific truth. Such odious positions are common among the conservative Christians that currently make up the base of the Republican party.

As usual, God could not be reached for comment.

(Large portions of this story were previously published here.)

(Image via Flickr)
(Image via Flickr)

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