GOP Honors Kim Davis At Values Voter Summit

GOP Honors Kim Davis At Values Voter Summit September 27, 2015

Republicans cheer as Kim Davis is honored for “her determined resistance to same-sex marriage” at the Values Voter Summit in Washington D.C.

The anti-gay county clerk from Kentucky who went to jail in a futile attempt to prevent same-sex marriage was honored with the 2015 “Cost of Discipleship Award” Saturday night at the Values Voter Summit in Washington D.C.

While presenting the award, Tony Perkins, the president of the Family Research Council, compared Davis to such historical figures as Abraham Lincoln, Rosa Parks, and Martin Luther King. Perkins said:

Whether it was Abraham Lincoln asserting the Constitutionally unsettled nature of the Dred Scott decision; Rosa Parks refusing to sit at the back of a public bus or Martin Luther King risking the … call of police dogs to end legal segregation, our nation has been ennobled and enriched by historic citizens who declare their unwillingness to accept rulings and statutes that conflict with the laws of nature and with nature’s God.

Perkins also said:

Kim Davis should not be an outlier. Kim Davis should not be something that surprises America. There should be Kim Davises in every elected office, at every level, who say ‘No’ to judges who redefine the revealed truth of God.

Receiving the award, Davis was greeted with a long, standing ovation. Davis, shouting to be heard over the cheering crowd of Republicans, declared:

I am only one. But we are many.

The Hill reports that the award ceremony, held at the Values Voter Summit in Washington D.C.’s Omni Shoreham Hotel, followed a day of speeches by conservatives including Republican presidential candidates Donald Trump, Sen. Ted Cruz, and Ben Carson.

Just hours prior to appearing at the Values Voter Summit, Davis told the media that she had officially left the Democratic Party to become a Republican.

In a statement issued Saturday, her lawyer, Mat Staver, said:

She has come to the conclusion that the Democratic Party has left her. She has decided to switch her voter registration. However, the issue of religious freedom in this case is not a partisan issue. It is neither Republican nor Democrat. It is an inalienable right and what makes America the land of liberty.

Staver said Davis “has been a lifelong Democrat but has received no support from the Democratic Party or leaders.”

Davis deserves no support for her bigotry. The fact that the Democratic party refused to support Davis, while the GOP chooses to cheer and award her anti-gay bigotry, offers a stark and telling moral distinction between the two political parties.

Indeed, the fact that Republicans choose to celebrate and honor Davis indicates a profound moral failure, and is but one of many reasons why decent and reasonable people should not support the GOP.

Bottom line: Davis should not be honored for violating her oath to uphold the U.S. Constitution, and should not be honored for prohibiting her office from issuing marriage licenses to gay couples in repeated violation of court orders.

In addition, by celebrating Davis for her religious bigotry at the Values Voter Summit, Republicans fail to honor both human decency and the US Constitution.

(Image via Screen Gab)
(Image via Screen Gab)

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