NC Mayoral Candidate Wants To Jail Gays, Eradicate Homosexuality

NC Mayoral Candidate Wants To Jail Gays, Eradicate Homosexuality September 17, 2015

A North Carolina mayoral candidate with sincerely held religious beliefs is campaigning on a platform of jailing gays and eradicating homosexuality.

Eugene Holmes, who is currently running for mayor of Kings Mountain, says he is inspired by anti-gay Kentucky Clerk Kim Davis.

Holmes, a member of the Church of God and also the Promise Keepers, a Christian extremist organization for men, told the Kings Mountain Herald:

In my administration I would do just like Mrs. Davis did in Kentucky. If you elect me, I’ll uphold the law of the state of North Carolina. I would get the D.A. to swear out a warrant on any man who says he’s gay. Sodomy is a crime, a felony in the state of North Carolina.

Holmes goes on:

What’s wrong with eradicating homosexuals? We should jail them, throw them all in jail!

Holmes is a 77-year-old Korean War veteran who makes a living by selling various wares at area flea markets, and says he doesn’t want the job of mayor, but feels he is being called:

I don’t want to be mayor no more than I want to fly… I don’t know about my chances in this thing… I’m a newcomer — and I don’t give one hoot about politicians.

Also relevant: Holmes reports that he was ordered to receive 60-days of psychiatric treatment at Broughton Hospital, a state operated health care facility, in 2011. Holmes says that during his stay doctors diagnosed him as suffering from “religious hallucinations.”

Holmes plans to participate in a Meet the Candidates forum at the Kings Mountain Woman’s Club this Saturday.

Kings Mountain is a suburb of Charlotte, North Carolina.

(H/T Kings Mountain Herald, Raw Story)

(Image via Pixabay)
(Image via Pixabay)
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