Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics Uses Bible to Justify Marijuana Prohibition

Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics Uses Bible to Justify Marijuana Prohibition September 3, 2015

Claiming that “anointing oil in the Bible is not cannabis” the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics makes bad theological arguments to justify a prohibition on marijuana.

Last week the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics posted a false and misleading anti-marijuana comment on their Facebook page that was immediately met with criticism. What followed was a bizarre exchange, leaving advocates of marijuana and the separation of church and state bewildered.

Responding to one comment, the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics made the theological assertion that cannabis is not an ingredient in “anointing oil,” posting:

Anointing oil in The Bible is not cannabis. Hebrew tradition clearly taught the use of holy anointing using olive oil. “Psalm 92, a psalm for the Sabbath. In verse 10, it says, “But my horn You have exalted like a wild ox; I have been anointed with fresh oil.” God expects us to have fresh oil because when oil gets stagnant, it becomes stale.

The word “fresh” in Hebrew is raanan which means “green”. Notice that extra virgin olive oil is green. Green speaks of newness or youth. So the oil has to be of the new covenant because the oil of the old covenant is stale.

After offering an official theological position on Biblical anointing oil, the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics goes on to offer a recipe for said Biblically approved anointing oil:

Shelly, you are correct. The recipe is in Exodus. And it does not contain cannabis. The recipe for Moses Holy Anointing Oil was provided in Exodus 30:23-24. The essential oils that were used include:

•Myrrh Essential Oil – 500 shekels

•Cassia Essential Oil – 500 shekels

•Cinnamon Essential Oil – 250 shekels

•Calamus Essential Oil – 250 shekels and

•Extra Virgin Olive Oil (1 hin).

Responding to another comment on the same thread, the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics declared that the Bible is opposed to using marijuana as an ingredient in all food products, posting:

Joshua, that verse in Genesis is talking about God’s plan for providing food to sustain life, not for getting intoxicated. Just because it was created by God doesn’t mean it is “good” inside the human body (Jimson weed, poison ivy, poison oak, hemlock). You can’t cherry-pick scripture to find verses that fit your argument. You must take the full Bible for all its worth. There are more than 75 verses in The Bible of warnings not to become intoxicated and commands to remain sober-minded at all times.

Mocking the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics, the Oklahoma chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union posted a screen capture of the absurd comments to their Facebook page, noting:

Apparently the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics is now answering your theological questions. Have a question? Call them at (800) 522-8031

On Monday, Oklahoma ACLU executive director Ryan Kiesel said:

We are astonished that the Bureau would pass itself off as a biblical authority. I’m sure there are plenty of folks who work at the OBNDD who are familiar with the Bible, but as a state agency, it’s just not their job to conveniently interpret scripture to justify their policy positions.

 Commenting on the story, Friendly Atheist asks:

Getting stoned with Jesus: Good idea or great idea?

Somewhere, someplace, it will soon be 4:20. As always, Jesus is optional.

(H/T AlterNet)

(Image via Facebook)
(Image via Facebook)
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