Ben Carson: Rape Victims Seeking Abortion Are ‘Perverted’

Ben Carson: Rape Victims Seeking Abortion Are ‘Perverted’ October 25, 2015

Comparing abortion to slavery, GOP presidential candidate Ben Carson said he would “love” to see Roe vs. Wade overturned, and wants all abortion outlawed, even in cases of rape or incest.

Appearing on NBC’s “Meet the Press” Carson said he wants to make abortion illegal nationwide, while showing no sympathy for victims of rape or incest, or other women faced with an unwanted pregnancy.

Carson told NBC host Chuck Todd:

The mother should not believe that the baby is her enemy and should not be looking to terminate the baby. We’ve allowed purveyors of division to think that baby is their enemy and they have a right to kill it. Can you see how perverted that line of thinking is?

There is nothing “perverted” about making a personal and responsible family planning choice.  If there is a perverted line of thinking, it belongs to Carson, who compares rape and incest victims seeking abortion to slave owners:

Think about this. During slavery — and I know that one of those words you’re not supposed to say — but I’m saying it. During slavery, a lot of the slave owners thought they had the right to do whatever they wanted to that slave, anything that they chose to do. And what if the abolitionists had said, ‘You know, I don’t believe in slavery, I think it’s wrong. But you guys do whatever you want to do.’ Where would we be?

Carson, trying to appear “reasonable” despite all evidence to the contrary, said:

I’m a reasonable person and if people can come up with a reasonable explanation of why they would like to kill a baby, I’ll listen.

Carson saying “I’m a reasonable person” is perhaps one of the most ironic statements in recent memory.

The fact that Carson refers to a fetus or embryo as a “baby” is typical of the false and misleading rhetoric from the pro-fetus, forced-birth, anti-abortion, anti-woman crowd.

Yet Carson’s remarks reflect a particularly shallow, insensitive, and ultimately mean-spirited intellect. Comparing women seeking abortions to slave owners is a gross moral mistake, and illustrates a profound failure in moral reasoning.

Yet despite Carson’s obvious moral and intellectual incompetence, NBC reports Carson has launched to the top of the Republican presidential field in recent polling. A recent Des Moines Regisiter/Bloomberg poll Friday showed Carson with a nine-point lead in Iowa. A Quinnipiac University poll the day before, gave him an eight point advantage over Donald Trump in the state.

Bottom line: The Republican war on women continues, and Ben Carson is leading the charge.

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