Pastor Sells ‘Holy Pens’ Guaranteed To ‘Make Students Pass Exams’

Pastor Sells ‘Holy Pens’ Guaranteed To ‘Make Students Pass Exams’ October 26, 2015

Who needs book learning when you got Jesus? Prophet Sham Hungwe of House of Grace International Church is selling “anointed” ballpoint pens to the faithful guaranteed to make students pass exams.

Prophet Sham, a popular pastor located in Zimbabwe, told his congregation earlier this month that those who are sitting for exams only needed faith and the anointed pen to pass, declaring:

It is anointed and I declare passes when your children sit for exams; when you sit for your exams.

According to reports hundreds of the so-called anointed pens are being sold to people who are about to sit for exams. The pens are being sold for different amounts ranging between $1 and $20 depending on what congregants can afford.

Prophet Sham claims the more people spend, the more faith they’ll have, and the better they will perform on their exams:

the more you pay, the more you pass

One of the congregants testified that he scored at ‘A’ Level last year after using the pen he was given by Prophet Sham.

A hopeful mother said:

They (pens) are said to work for anyone who is sitting for any test. My son is not very bright and I think this will help him. With the knowledge he has acquired and this pen from the man of God, I think it is going to work. reports that after selling the “holy pens” Prophet Sham went on to perform a number of “miracles” before thousands of worshipers who attended the service, witha number of people giving “testimonies of deliverance.”

(Image via YouTube Screen Grab)
(Image via YouTube Screen Grab)


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