Confused Jeb Bush Can’t Explain How Refugees Will Prove They Are Christian

Confused Jeb Bush Can’t Explain How Refugees Will Prove They Are Christian November 18, 2015

GOP presidential candidate Jeb Bush says the U.S. should only accept Christian refugees from Syria, but is unable to explain how refugees will prove they are Christian.

Speaking at a campaign stop in South Carolina Bush said:

At a minimum we ought to be bringing in people that have — orphans or people that clearly aren’t going to be terrorists. Or Christians.

Bush added:

There are no Christian terrorists in the Middle East, they’re persecuted.

When pressed by ABC News on how he would determine who is a Christian, a clearly confused Bush was unable to offer a clear answer, saying:

I mean you can prove you’re a Christian. I think you can prove it, if you can’t prove it, you err on the side of caution.

Bush is right to be confused. A religious test for refugees is not only unconstitutional, it is morally offensive. It is also not practical. The fact is, most Americans who call themselves Christian would have a problem passing any meaningful religious test.

Further, the fact that one could pass some hypothetical religious test screening for Christians does not mean that one is sincere about their beliefs, only that they know hot to do or say the right things to pass the test.

Last night an angry President Obama ridiculed Republicans for their xenophobic and cowardly rhetoric during a press conference with the president of the Philippines.

Obama mocked Republicans like Bush for being afraid of “three year-old orphans,” declaring:

When individuals say that we should have a religious test and that only Christians — proven Christians — should be admitted — that’s offensive and contrary to American values.

Bottom line: Obama is right. A religious test for refugees is offensive and contrary to American values. Bush and Republicans like him who suggest a religious test that favors Christians over Muslims are despicable fear mongers deserving of scorn and ridicule.

(Image via Screen Grab)
(Image via Screen Grab)

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