Family Values: GOP Consultant Caught Molesting Boys In Church

Family Values: GOP Consultant Caught Molesting Boys In Church November 3, 2015

In Georgia, a high placed Republican political consultant and youth pastor is accused of forcing boys to perform “hundreds” of sex acts while videotaping them doing it at the First Baptist Church of Vidalia.

Jim Collins, currently a political consultant and former youth pastor at the First Baptist Church of Vidalia, is accused of telling boys in his church youth group to perform “individual sexual acts” and videotaping them doing it.

Matthew Stanley of Vidalia, Georgia, has accused the top GOP consultant of abusing him and other boys in the youth group “hundreds of times” over a seven-year period.

Stanley has filed a civil lawsuit in Toombs County Court claiming from 1996 to 2002 he was the victim of repeated abuse by Collins, a former youth pastor at First Baptist Church of Vidalia.

Stanley claims while Collins was a chaperone on church youth out of town trips, he engaged in “highly inappropriate, sexualized physical contact with many of the boys” including Stanley himself.  

The lawsuit adds, this happened to Stanley “more than a hundred times” from  age 11 until he was 18.

The lawsuit also holds the First Baptist Church of Vidalia responsible, noting:

Compounding the sexual predator’s malfeasance, the church for which he worked failed to screen its volunteers appropriately, failed to institute safeguards for the children under its care, and failed to act decisively upon learning of the predator’s actions.

Occupy Democrats reports once Collins had gained the trust of the boys and their parents, he began inviting them over to a weekly Bible study at his house, where he had the security to give into his sinister urges.

At the Bible studies at Collins’ home, Stanley says that Collins soon abandoned all pretense of Scripture study:

Under Collins’s direction, the group began to view pornography together at Collins’s home. He encouraged each boy to engage in individual sexual acts, both privately and in a group setting. On at least one occasion, Collins videotaped these sexual acts as well, causing additional harm to Matt Stanley. Collins also engaged in highly inappropriate, sexualized physical contact with many of the boys, including Matt Stanley. 29. In addition, Collins sexually abused Matt Stanley and the other boys in these ways on church-sponsored out-of-town trips during which Collins served as First Baptist Church’s adult chaperone for the boys.

Raw Story reports Collins is currently employed at CSG International, a software and consulting firm. A bio provided by his previous employer, iSquared Communications, calls Collins “a top political advisor and strategist for new Senate Majority Leader Tommy Williams.” It also indicates that he “managed the campaigns for several of the Capitol’s new South Georgia incumbents.”

In a statement, the First Baptist Church of Vidalia claimed they “did absolutely nothing wrong” while seeming to blame the victim for being abused by their youth pastor:

Mr. Stanley failed to come forward to Church leadership, or anyone else, with any allegations until nearly a decade after the alleged abuse ended… Despite Mr. Stanley’s decision not to report the alleged abuse to the police, the Church has cooperated fully with the authorities as they have investigated claims against Mr. Collins. Despite the lack of any criminal prosecution against the accused, the Church forced him to resign from any volunteer position with the Church and forbade him from having any contact with any youth member of the Church.

Bottom line: A family values Republican political consultant is caught sexually abusing boys while acting as a youth pastor for a conservative Christian church.

Welcome to America.

H/t Raw Story. Watch the video below from WSAV, broadcast Nov. 3, 2015:

(Image via Screen Grab)
(Image via Screen Grab)

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