Megachurch Pastor Declares: ‘There Is No Such Thing As A Good Muslim’

Megachurch Pastor Declares: ‘There Is No Such Thing As A Good Muslim’ November 16, 2015

More of that Christian love: Following the terrorist attacks in Paris, a megachurch pastor in Tennessee tells his congregation “there is no such thing as a good Muslim.”

Pastor Maury Davis of Cornerstone Nashville Church said on Sunday that there was “no such thing as a good Muslim.”

During a fiery Sunday sermon delivered immediately following the massacre in Paris, Davis told his congregation:

I apologize that I think that the only good Muslim is a converted one. There is no such thing as a good Muslim. Mohammed was a pedophile. Mohammed was a man of violence and murder that created persecution for Jews and Christians.

Pastor Davis also spoke against gays and lebians. According to the pastor, same-sex marriage is an attack on the church, and he predicted that it would eventually result in legalized pedophilia:

You start down a slope that is not only slippery, it has a chasm at the end that you will fall into. I believe the changing of the definition of marriage in the next 15 years, you’re going to see polygamy legalized and you’re going to see children being married off in America, just like we do in Saudi Arabia, if we don’t stop this right here, right now.

Pastor Davis is wrong. The pastor is wrong about same-sex marriage resulting in pedophilia, and he is wrong to claim that there is no such thing as a good Muslim.

While it may be the case that Mohammed was a pedophile and thus a poor example of moral character, it does not follow that all Muslims are therefore bad people.

The good news is that the overwhelming majority of people are good people. Most Muslims are good people, just as most Christians are good people, and most atheists are good people.

Pastor Davis, on the other hand, is an ignorant, mean-spirited, bigot, who is preaching Christian hate to a large audience every Sunday.

The truth is that both Muslims and Christians make the moral and intellectual mistake of embracing religious superstition. However, this mistake does not make them bad people, only people who have erred in judgement. Yet this error in judgement does have consequences.

Bottom line: Most Muslims are good people. Full stop. However, the terror in Paris, and the bigotry of Pastor Davis, are both consequences of religious superstition, and that religious superstition threatens all of us in myriad ways, both large and small.

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