Scalia Compares Gays And Lesbians To Pedophiles And Child Abusers

Scalia Compares Gays And Lesbians To Pedophiles And Child Abusers November 17, 2015

In an obnoxious performance Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia compares gays to pedophiles while arguing it is not up to courts to grant LGBT people legal protections.

Scalia, speaking to first year law students at Georgetown University Law School on Monday, said the Constitution guaranteed only religious and political protections.

Scalia went on to claim that laws protecting gay rights could also be applied to “pederasts” and “child abusers,” while complaining that it was not up to judges to determine which other minority groups deserved legal protections.

The New York Times reports that Scalia, in sarcastic fashion, asked:

What minorities deserve protection? What? It’s up to me to identify deserving minorities?

What about pederasts? What about child abusers?

Scalia continued, joking:

This is a deserving minority. Nobody loves them.

Scalia argued that it should be up to the democratic process to determine which minority groups deserve legal protections while suggesting that the logic behind the recent same-sex marriage ruling could open the door to similar protections for child molesters.

Huffington Post reports it’s not the first time Scalia has cautioned about the Supreme Court’s thinking on equality for gay Americans. Dissenting in the 2003 case Lawrence v. Texas, in which the Supreme Court ruled that Texas’ ban on gay sex was unconstitutional, Scalia wrote that the state’s law was akin to those prohibiting things like bigamy, incest and beastiality.

Scalia opposed the recent and historic landmark case affirming marriage equality and wrote a fiery dissent against the court’s same-sex marriage ruling.

Bottom line: Conflating homosexuality with pedophilia is despicable. If Scalia is truly unable to draw a moral distinction between marriage equality and the sexual abuse of children he is not only unfit for the bench, he is unfit for life in civilized society.

Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia (Image via Wikimedia)
Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia (Image via Wikimedia)

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