Thanksgiving Reminders Of Native American Genocide Makes Some Americans Angry

Thanksgiving Reminders Of Native American Genocide Makes Some Americans Angry November 26, 2015

The truth hurts: Remind some contemporary Americans about the genocide of Native Americans and they go crazy, lost in paroxysms of anger, denial, and butthurt.

Thanksgiving posts on Facebook and other social media sites are making even so-called “progressive” Americans angry that their feasting festivities are being marred by reminders of the genocide and conquest that continues to benefit every American.

Many want to be absolved of any responsibility for the genocide and conquest because they did not personally take part in the historic atrocity. They say “But we didn’t perpetrate that holocaust” while conveniently ignoring the fact they they continue to benefit from that holocaust.

Others want to put the blame on the Native Americans, or at least declare some sort of moral equivalence between the invading white European Christians and the indigenous Native Americans, making assertions like:

History goes to the victor. Sorry the natives couldn’t fight?


The natives did the same thing to each other on a regular basis.

Or worse:

Boo fucking hoo. The inferior civilizations will lose. Get over it.

Most who complain simply do not want to be reminded of the uncomfortable truth:

I wasn’t there at the time so stop trying to make me feel guilty for past atrocities I had no part in.

The same sort of denial is invariably present in social media discussions of slavery, Jim Crow and segregation. It is an infantile desire to escape uncomfortable truths, a desire almost invariably being expressed by white people annoyed by the fact that someone is pointing out their white privilege. For example:

Fuck this page and the Liberal White guilt pussies running it!

If the memes posted below make you uncomfortable, make you feel the urge to curse and complain, make you go into spasms of rage and denial, good! Sometimes the truth hurts. Deal with it.


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(Images via We Fucking Love Atheism, Progressive Secular Humanist Examiner, Left Coast Lucy)

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