Attorney Says Abortion Providers Should ‘Hang By Their Necks’

Attorney Says Abortion Providers Should ‘Hang By Their Necks’ December 6, 2015

Prominent pro-life (forced birth) attorney Thomas W. Condit calls for the execution of abortion providers in front of a crowd of anti-abortion fanatics.

Speaking at a rally held outside of a Cincinnati Planned Parenthood center last Summer Condit declares:

We need to have an American version of the Nuremberg trials for crimes against humanity.

The people who work here, the people who work in abortion clinics around the country, we should get them when they wake up in the morning [so that] they are seeing visions of abortionists, the doctors, the clinic workers, the clinic directors, their lawyers, hanging by their necks after a fair trial.

We need to recapture the Faith by using the right words and I am here to tell you the right words. These people (abortion providers) are contract killers.

The well attended rally was held on July 28 as part of a nationwide anti-Planned Parenthood campaign called “Women Betrayed.”

Ohio State Representative Tom Brinkman (R-District 27) also spoke at the rally, and listened to the call for execution of abortion providers, as did more than a half-dozen priests, according to the Catholic Telegraph.

In the video Reverend Michael Bray, who was convicted in 1985 on conspiracy charges related to the bombing of several abortion clinics in the greater D.C. area, can be heard shouting his approval at the thought of executing abortion providers:

Yeah! Hang ’em! They will burn!

Bray is also the one filming Condit’s remarks. On his personal website, Bray boasts of having “spent four years in federal prison in connection with the destruction of several abortion facilities;” and of his 1994 book, A time to kill: A study concerning the use of force and abortion, which he describes as “an ethical treatise on the use of force in defense of the child in the womb.”

Indeed, the call to kill abortion providers is becoming a frequent refrain from radicalized conservative Christians. Late last month video surfaced of popular Facebook evangelist Joshua Feuerstein calling on Christians to “punish Planned Parenthood” and assassinate abortion providers.

Recently Planned Parenthood has been the victim of a well financed and cynical campaign to smear the organization dedicated to healthy family planning and women’s reproductive health.

The Center for Medical Progress, a front for radical, anti-abortion, forced-birth extremists, has been running a highly orchestrated campaign to discredit Planned Parenthood and ultimately undermine legal and safe abortion.

Ultimately, those dishonest videos, along with the vitriolic and outrageous rhetoric from supposed “pro-life,” forced birth fanatics like Condit and others, were a call to action, and an incitement to violence. A call apparently answered by a Christian terrorist named Robert Lewis Dear at a Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado Springs.

Bottom line: If you call for the execution of any human being, you are not “pro-life,” but you just might be a dangerous religious extremist.

(H/T The Daily Beast; watch video of the rally below)

(Image via Screen Grab)
(Image via Screen Grab)
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