Christian Abstinence Video Compares Sexually Active Women To Worn Out Shoes

Christian Abstinence Video Compares Sexually Active Women To Worn Out Shoes January 23, 2016

Like a pair of old, worn-out shoes: a video promoting abstinence compares a sexually active woman to worn out sneakers.

Everything about the video is wrong. It is in essence a profoundly sexist and misogynistic expression of contemporary American Christian culture that ultimately objectifies and degrades women.

The fact is, making a fetish out of virginity has negative long term consequences for the sexual health and happiness of both men and women. Purity Culture is bad for your sex life, even after you are married.

A recent study reveals the pitfalls of trying to internalize the disparate and conflicting messages about sexuality promoted by Christian Purity Culture. In particular, the notion that sex before marriage is evil and wrong, but that somehow sex after marriage is a “sacred gift from God,” leads to long term marital problems and sexual frustration according to the study presented last year at the 109th American Sociological Association meeting.

In the end, a rational observer must conclude that religious extremists pushing young people into Purity Culture, replete with virginity pledges and the irrational valorization of abstinence, ultimately does damage to the people they are intending to help.

In short, the message that sexuality outside of wedlock is always and necessarily evil and wrong damages people, and leads to frustration, confusion and future unhappiness.

Bottom line: an intact hymen should not be a source of pride, and a Christian abstinence video comparing sexually active women to worn out sneakers is symbolic of the moral and intellectual bankruptcy of many religious conservatives.

(H/T Christian Nightmares – Watch the video below)

(Image via Screen Grab)
(Image via Screen Grab)
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