Tim Minchin Blasts Pedophile-Priest-Protecting Cardinal Pell

Tim Minchin Blasts Pedophile-Priest-Protecting Cardinal Pell February 16, 2016

Secular Retribution: In a righteous tune Australian comedian Tim Minchin blasts the pedophile-priest-protecting Cardinal Pell for refusing to return to Australia and testify before a Royal Commission on the sexual abuse of children by Catholic clergy.

In the catchy song Minchin correctly identifies Cardinal Pell, Australia’s most senior Catholic cleric, as “scum,” a “goddamn coward,” and a “pompous buffoon.”

For those unaware, Cardinal Pell actually lived with and protected Father Jerry Ridsdale, one of the most prolific pedophiles in Australian history. Father Ridsdale was convicted between 1993 and 2013 of a large number of child sexual abuse and indecent assault charges against 54 children aged as young as four years.

Reports indicate that in 1983 Cardinal Pell knew his friend and colleague was raping children but did nothing about it, casually remarking to another Catholic priest:

I think Gerry has been rooting young boys again.

Yet Cardinal Pell never reported his friend and colleague for raping and sexually abusing young children.

In addition, and perhaps more disturbing, Cardinal Pell himself is accused of sexually abusing a child.

In fact, Pell has shown little sympathy for the survivors of sexual abuse at the hands of Catholic clergy, and is on record claiming:

The Catholic Church is no more legally responsible for priests who abuse children than a trucking company which employs a driver who molests women.

Many Australians are angry because Cardinal Pell is feigning illness, and refusing to leave the Vatican and fly back to Australia and face the music.

The following is a sample of the lyrics from Minchin’s Come Home (Cardinal Pell):

It is just the right thing to do. We have a right to know what you knew. Couldn’t you see what was under your nose Georgie? Back in ’73 when you were living with Jerry. Is it true that you knew but chose to ignore? Did you actively try to keep it buried? And years later when survivors — despite their shame and their fear — stood up to tell their stories.

I mean with all due respect dude, I think you are scum and I reckon you should come home. Cardinal Pell, I know that you are not feeling well, perhaps you just need some sun. It is lovely here you should come home.

You pompous buffoon, and I suggest you do it soon.

My lawyer just rang me to tell me this one could get me in legal trouble. Oh well, Cardinal Pell, if you don’t feel compelled to come home by a sense of moral duty perhaps you will come home and frickin’ sue me.

Proceeds from the sale of Come Home (Cardinal Pell) will go to a gofundme page set up to help clerical abuse victims in Australia fly to Rome and confront Cardinal Pell in person. Readers can can buy the single on iTunes and stream it here.

Watch the video below –

(Image via Screen Grab)
(Image via Screen Grab)

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