Caitlyn Jenner Wants To Be ‘Trans Ambassador’ For President Ted Cruz

Caitlyn Jenner Wants To Be ‘Trans Ambassador’ For President Ted Cruz March 4, 2016

Caitlyn Jenner likes Ted Cruz, and wants to serve as his “Trans Ambassador” if the conservative Christian extremist is elected president.

Speaking to The Advocate, Jenner, the ‘I Am Cait’ star and self-proclaimed conservative Republican, said she met Cruz prior to her transition, more than a year ago, noting:

He was very nice.

Jenner went on to opine:

Wouldn’t it be great, let’s say he goes on to be president. And I have all my girls on a trans issues board to advise him on making decisions when it comes to trans issues. Isn’t that a good idea?

An incredulous interviewer asked:

You’re going to be Ted Cruz’s trans ambassador?

Jenner replied:

Yes, trans ambassador to the president of the United States, so we can say, ‘Ted, love what you’re doing but here’s what’s going on.’

Yet Cruz is no friend to transgender people. Think Progress reports that in one interview, Cruz called protections for transgender students a “ridiculous” decision made by “zealots,” explaining, “I don’t want my daughters taking showers with little boys.”

On another occasion, Cruz said respecting transgender students’ identities, amounts to “inflicting” them on other students. claiming it’s better to force a transgender girl to use the faculty restrooms because “inflicting him [sic] on the teachers is probably better than sticking him in the shower with the teenage girls.”

In fact, when it comes to LGBT rights, the man is a monster. Cruz opposes The Equality Act, a law that would actually protect transgender people from discrimination in employment, and he introduced the State Marriage Defense Act last year, which would have allowed same-sex couples to become “unmarried” when they crossed the border into a state that didn’t recognize their marriages.

In the interview, Jenner seemed to be aware of Cruz’s bigotry and hostility towards LGBT people, but likes him anyway:

I like Ted Cruz. I think he’s very conservative and a great constitutionalist and a very articulate man. I haven’t endorsed him or anything like that. But I also think, he’s an evangelical Christian, and probably one of the worst ones when it comes to trans issues.

And even though she seems to be fully aware of the GOP’s open bigotry and hostility towards LGBT people, Jenner told The Advocate that she supports the Republican Party and fiscal conservatism, saying:

Number one, if we don’t have a country, we don’t have trans issues. We need jobs. We need a vibrant economy. I want every trans person to have a job.

Obviously Jenner is not thinking straight. Republicans will not help transgender people find jobs. In fact, the Republican party openly promotes discrimination against and bigotry towards all LGBT people.

Bottom line: Caitlyn Jenner is confused, not because she is trans, but because she supports a Republican party that hates her and people like her. In fact, Jenner will never be a “Trans Ambassador” for Cruz or any Republican; instead, she will continue to be an object of Republican scorn and contempt.

Caitlyn Jenner (Image via Wikimedia)
Caitlyn Jenner (Image via Wikimedia)
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