Christian Author Claims Christopher Hitchens ‘Contemplated Conversion’

Christian Author Claims Christopher Hitchens ‘Contemplated Conversion’ April 21, 2016

Liar for Jesus: Christian apologist Larry Alex Taunton defecates on the memory of Christopher Hitchens.

In a despicable act of literary malpractice Christian apologist Larry Alex Taunton claims atheist Christopher Hitchens contemplated converting to Christianity on his deathbed.

Taunton claims he was Hitchens’ friend, but instead of honoring that supposed friendship, Taunton exploits their relationship to sell books and promote his own tawdry religious superstition, while at the same time defecating on the memory of Christopher Hitchens.

In his new book, The Faith of Christopher Hitchens, Taunton reports on private, unrecorded conversations that supposedly took place between himself and Hitchens in 2010, shortly before the great man’s death.

About those conversations Taunton said:

For the first time in his life, he was engaging evangelical Christians. He found them to be different from the veneer of Christianity in Britain. When he began debating these evangelicals, he began to like them.

Taunton writes:

His tone was marked by a sincerity that wasn’t typical of the man. Not on this subject anyway. A lifetime of rebellion against God had brought him to a moment where he was staring into the depths of eternity, teetering on the edge of belief.

At the end of his book, Taunton implies that at the end of his life Hitchens was “at the alter,” secretly contemplating a conversion to Christianity:

At the end of his life, Christopher’s searches had brought him willingly, if secretly, to the altar. Precisely what he did there, no one knows.

Such insinuations are truly despicable. Hitchens is not alive to contradict the slanderous claims, and Taunton has no credible evidence to back up his assertions.

Attempting to defend himself against his critics, Taunton makes the following lame claim:

They’re accusing me of saying he converted. I make no such claim. It’s not my claim that Christopher converted, it’s that Christopher was contemplating conversion. I think I substantiate it in the book.

Taunton substantiates nothing. He has no evidence Hitchens contemplated Christianity, only his own unsubstantiated recollection of private, unrecorded conversations he claims to have had with Hitchens.

Religion News reports Steve Wasserman, who was Hitchens’ friend for 30 years, and co-executor of his estate and with Hitchens’ family at his death, called the book’s claims “petty” and “appalling.”Wasserman said:

I am not in the position to dispute what Taunton says were private conversations. But I really think it is a shabby business. It reveals a lack of respect. This is not a way to debate Christopher Hitchens’ beliefs — to report unverifiable conversations, which amazingly contradict everything Christopher Hitchens ever said or stood for.

Hitchens’ wife, Carol Blue, also confirms that there was no death bed conversion, or contemplation of conversion, for Hitchens.

In fact, Hitchens addressed the prospect of people trying to claim that he contemplated a deathbed conversion during an interview with Anderson Cooper not long before his death:

COOPER: In a moment of doubt… there might be a moment when you want to hedge your bets.

HITCHENS: If that comes, it will be when I am very ill; when I am half demented, either by drugs or by pain. I won’t have control over what I say. I mention this in case you ever hear a rumor later on, because these things happen and the faithful love to spread these rumors. I can’t say that the entity, that by then wouldn’t be me, wouldn’t do such a pathetic thing. But I can tell you that… not when I’m lucid, no. I can be quite sure of that.

COOPER: So if there is some story that on your deathbed–

HITCHENS: –Don’t believe it.

Bottom line: Don’t believe it. Hitchens, the man who wrote God Is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything, never contemplated Christianity. Taunton is a liar for Jesus, defecating on the memory of a great man in a petty attempt to sell books and prop up his own corrupt religious superstition.

Larry Alex Taunton (Image via Twitter)
Larry Alex Taunton (Image via Twitter)
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