Satanic Black Mass Causes Christians To Panic In Oklahoma

Satanic Black Mass Causes Christians To Panic In Oklahoma April 22, 2016

Sharia for Jesus: For some, religious freedom is only for Christians.

A Satanic Black Mass scheduled to be held in Oklahoma later this year is sending Christians into a panic.

Over 100,000 angry Christians who fail to understand or respect the U.S. Constitution have signed a petition asking Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin and Oklahoma City Mayor Mick Cornett to cancel a Satanic Black Mass scheduled at the Oklahoma City Civic Center on Monday, August 15, 2016 at 7:00 PM.

Claiming that “Every Black Mass is a direct, deliberate and sinful act of hatred against God,” the melodramatic petition reads:

With my whole heart and soul, I express full, complete and vehement rejection of the satanic Black Mass scheduled at the Oklahoma City Civic Center on August 15, 2016. I urge you to cancel this event which offends more than 1 billion Catholics worldwide, 200,000 Catholics in Oklahoma and countless more God-loving Americans. Sacrilege is simply NOT free speech.

Note: Sacrilege is free speech. And, of course, one person’s sacrilege maybe another person’s piety, or simply an amusing joke; but all of it is free speech.

The Satanic group overseeing the Satanic Black Mass is Dakhma of Angra Mainyu, which is not related to the Satanic Temple.

The description for the planned event reads:

The Consumption of the Mary by Jai Kali Maa, is an event that will have 2 separate rituals that will show the evolution from Satanism to Ahrimanism. The first ritual will the Black Mass as done in 2014, and the second ritual will be the Consumption of Mary by Jai Kali Maa. The second ritual will educate the public on the practice of Ahrimanism.

Attendance to the Black Mass is being restricted to 16 years of age and above, due to adult content.

Tradition Family Property, a conservative Roman Catholic group, is sponsoring the petition to cancel the Black Mass. The group’s Student Action Director, John Ritchie, described the planned Black Mass as a “double attack,” because “God and His Mother will be publicly vilified on city property.” An overly dramatic Ritchie continues, declaring:

To defile and smear the true mass, the blessed sacrament, and the mother of Jesus is not even remotely a form of religious expression, but rather a direct act of anti-religious bigotry and hatred against God.

And when government buildings open their doors and allow a satanic black mass that offends God so deeply, it begs the question: Where is our beloved nation headed? Are we still one nation under God?

In the past conservative Roman Catholic groups have managed to halt such events. In 2014, Harvard canceled a black mass after a firestorm of criticism and pressure from Catholic and other Christian groups.

However, also in  2014, a similar Black Mass was held in Oklahoma City, with a similar reaction before the event was held. Yet despite the protests and lawsuits, the Black Mass continued as scheduled. Circumstances should be similar for the Black Mass scheduled for later this year.

Bottom line: Those who are calling on government officials to cancel the Satanic Black Mass are in effect claiming that religious freedom is only for Christians, and they are endorsing a kind of Sharia for Jesus. Such sentiment is contrary to the U.S. Constitution and the secular values upon which this nation was founded.

 6/6/06 Satanic High Mass (Image via Wikipedia)
6/6/06 Satanic High Mass (Image via Wikipedia)

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