Christian Father Shackles Daughter For Wetting The Bed

Christian Father Shackles Daughter For Wetting The Bed May 25, 2016

Bible-thumping father accused of keeping teenage stepdaughter shackled in basement of family home.

According to reports, the 13-year-old girl was being punished for wetting the bed.

Timothy Ciboro, a 53-year-old former Toledo firefighter, and his son, Esten, 27, were charged earlier this week with kidnapping and child endangerment.

The two allegedly kept the 13-year-old girl shackled to a beam in the basement of their home, forcing the girl to use a bucket with ammonia as a toilet, and feeding her spoiled scraps of food.

Police report the teen found a key to the shackles and escaped. She ran and found two good Samaritans who then called the police.

All three children previously living in the Cibero home are now currently living in foster care, officials said. Two younger children are biologically related to Ciboro, while the teen girl held in shackles is reported to be his stepdaughter.

Family members report the children’s mother abandoned the family and went to Las Vegas several years ago.

According to the girl, after her mother left, she got in trouble with her stepfather for “wetting the bed.” As punishment, the father allegedly “[put] handcuffs on her ankles” and “[made] her sleep in the basement.” She also said she was forced to go to the bathroom in a bucket while chained.

According to court documents, the 13-year-old girl told police she was held for extended periods in the basement of the family home, while confirming the fact that she was forced to eat spoiled food scraps and defecate in a bucket containing ammonia.

Police report that when they searched the house they found large handcuffs or leg irons in the basement, as well as a large bucket partially filled with ammonia.

However, in a jailhouse interview, the girl’s stepfather, Timothy Cibero, claimed he did nothing wrong. When questioned, Ciboro told affiliate WTVG all the answers are in the Bible:

There are a lot of questions. I miss my babies with all my heart. I want them to do right. That’s the way they were raised. If they have any questions, all they have to do is open the Bible and they will have all the answers.

The Blade reports Ciboro said he is fearful of Lucas County jail inmates and guards. However, citing a Hebrew term for savior, Ciboro said he has faith in Yeshua, and expressed confidence in his life after death.

During a news conference, Robin Reese, executive director of Lucas County Children Services, said the family is very religious. Social media posts seem to confirm this fact.

Tim Ciboro’s Facebook page includes a post from Christian conservative Dr. James Dobson on the importance of “biblical marriage,” and an image claiming Monster Energy Drinks are “satanic.”

While Cibero’s son, Esten Cibero, had posts on his Facebook page praising Donald Trump and warning of the supposed dangers of transgender-friendly bathrooms at Target.

Both men remain in the Lucas County jail in lieu of $500,000 bonds. They are scheduled for a preliminary hearing Thursday in Toledo Municipal Court.

Watch the WTVG interview with Ciboro here.

Timothy Ciboro (Image via Screen Grab)
Timothy Ciboro (Image via Screen Grab)

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