Parents Panic After Josh Duggar Appears At Mini-Golf Course

Parents Panic After Josh Duggar Appears At Mini-Golf Course May 4, 2016

Hide your kids: Nervous parents remove their children after Josh Duggar makes an appearance at a mini-golf course.

Disgraced reality star Josh Duggar made parents angry and nervous last week at Old MacDonald’s Farm mini-golf course in Sevierville, Tenn. According to an exclusive report filed by In Touch Weekly, things turned awkward and uncomfortable after people recognized the sexual predator and his father, Jim Bob, at the mini-golf course.

An eyewitness reports:

Three families with young girls were unhappy Josh was so close to them and left the golf course when they saw him and Jim Bob. The parents were not comfortable. The staff tried to be as polite as possible to the angry parents, but it seemed there was little they could do to stop Josh from being a customer.

The eyewitness added:

I don’t know if Josh and Jim Bob were aware of the problems their presence was causing at the mini-golf course.

It is not surprising that parents would be nervous about having their children close to Duggar. The disgraced family values advocate and former reality star has confessed to molesting his younger sisters and cheating on his wife Anna Duggar by paying for rough sex with a former porn star.

Last March Duggar checked out of a Christian “faith-based” rehabilitation center for “porn addiction.” However, the so-called rehabilitation center is not a medical institution, it is instead a faith-based scam that preys on gullible conservative Christians like the Duggars. Thus, it is doubtful Duggar has changed or even come to terms with his abusive past.

Bottom line: Josh Duggar is a predator, and parents should be nervous when he is around.

Josh Duggar (Image via Twitter)
Josh Duggar (Image via Twitter)

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