Christian Pastor Says Gay Victims Of Orlando Massacre Deserve No Sympathy

Christian Pastor Says Gay Victims Of Orlando Massacre Deserve No Sympathy June 13, 2016

“We’re supposed to be sad because a bunch of perverts in a gay bar are killed?” – Pastor Steven Anderson.

Pastor Steven Anderson of Faithful Word Baptist Church releases a new video criticizing fellow Christians who show sympathy for the victims of the Orlando massacre.  

In his vile video message Pastor Anderson tells his followers that Christians should not feel or show sympathy for the gay victims of the Orlando massacre. Instead, he encourages his fellow Christians to keep “a biblical view of the sodomites”:

… it seems that so many Christians today are sympathizing with the sodomites who were destroyed in this nightclub shooting, in this terror attack. Why would we sympathize with, or feel bad for, or “oh, I feel so sad for the victims and their families”?…

Let’s not leave our heart in San Francisco. Let’s make sure that, you know, we have a biblical view of the sodomites, and a biblical view of the world that we live in, and not to just get brainwashed by the media where they tell us how to feel and they tell us how to think, and that we’re supposed to be sad because a bunch of perverts in a gay bar are killed.

… we’re supposed to sympathize with that. Well, frankly, I’m not sad about it at all. I don’t condone violence, I never have… but I’m not gonna sit here and cry about it and say it’s a tragedy, because it’s not…

In an earlier video Pastor Anderson argued that the mass shooting that left at least 50 dead and scores more wounded at a gay nightclub in Florida was “good news” because “homosexuals are a bunch of disgusting perverts.”

For those unfamiliar with Pastor Anderson, he is an obnoxious Christian extremist with a history of preaching a hateful and extreme Christian fundamentalism. Previously the Arizona pastor has called for the public execution of gays and lesbians, and more recently prayed for the death of Caitlyn Jenner.

In short, Pastor Anderson is a dangerous Christian extremist who takes the Bible literally, even when doing so leads to morally reprehensible positions, such as defending the death penalty for gays.

Many moderate Christians may object to Pastor Anderson’s vile rhetoric, yet Pastor Anderson does maintain “a biblical view of the sodomites,” and many conservative Christians share his view, even if they are unwilling to share that view in a public forum.

While some progressive Christians may try to sanitize the Bible, the fact remains that the “Good Book” is really not so good at all.

And it should come as a surprise to no one that Christian fundamentalists and GOP politicians use Bible based religious superstitions to create a climate of bigotry and hatred that continues to threaten and harass the LGBT community.

(H/T Friendly Atheist)

Watch the video below:

(Image via Screen Grab)
(Image via Screen Grab)

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