Youth Pastor Caught In Child Prostitution Sting

Youth Pastor Caught In Child Prostitution Sting June 11, 2016

Sexual predator: Texas youth pastor arrested for solicitation of a minor.

Matthew Holman, 35, of Odessa, was arrested on the weekend of June 4, 2016, on a charge of online solicitation of a minor.

The youth minister was one of six men arrested in connection with a two-day undercover sting to identify sexual predators seeking out minors.

The men were arrested after a two-day investigation during which special agents posed as minors online.

Sheriff Gary Painter reports the details revealed in the operation were “sickening,” noting:

There is no question as to the age or intent these men had. They maintained contact with what they believed to be a minor and had explicit sexual conversations.

Sheriff Painter added:

I think they’re sick and depraved. It’s very sad that they would try to attract children into a sexual encounter.

At a press conference on Thursday, Midland County District Attorney Teresa Clingman said:

We will do our very best to ensure that these defendants receive the type of sentence that is appropriate for this sort of crime. In each of these cases it was clear that whoever would have been getting online with our agents that the person they were dealing with was underage and it was always the perpetrator that brought up any type of sexual activity.

My San Antonio reports that since he used electronic devices and the internet to allegedly commit his crime, Holman could face federal charges as well.

Holman was a youth pastor at Westwood Baptist Church in Odessa, according to the church’s website.

Westwood Baptist Church Pastor Dr. Weeks DuBose said he dismissed Holman from the church upon learning of the investigation, but pledges to allow “restoration to fellowship for the man in the future.”

Matthew Holman (Image via Facebook)
Matthew Holman (Image via Facebook)
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