Hillary Clinton: ‘I Believe In Science!’

Hillary Clinton: ‘I Believe In Science!’ July 28, 2016

Democrats cheer as Hillary Clinton declares “I believe in science!”

In her speech at the Democratic National Convention Thursday night, Hillary Clinton thrilled her audience by rejecting the anti-intellectualism of the GOP, and mocking the anti-science stance Republican party.

In a simple, clear statement, Clinton declared:

I believe in science!

Clinton continued:

I believe that climate change is real and that we can save our planet while creating millions of good-paying clean energy jobs.

After Clinton said “I believe in science!” the crowd erupted in applause, and Clinton laughed, as everybody recognized at once both the absurdity and the necessity of simply acknowledging that one accepts the validity of science in 2016.

Yet thanks to Donald Trump, his running mate Mike Pence, and the pathetic GOP, it is necessary to make such statements affirming the truth of science.

Indeed, the scientific ignorance and misinformation promoted by Trump and Pence is truly appalling: Trump claims vaccines cause autism, and also believes global warming is a hoax. Pence has suggested that smoking doesn’t kill, and denies evolution.

The Week reports the “I believe in science!” line earned Hillary Clinton the most applause in a speech filled with applause.

Watch Clinton’s remarks below:

(Image via Screen Grab)
(Image via Screen Grab)


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