Pastor: Christians Must Carry Guns To Protect Cops From Godless

Pastor: Christians Must Carry Guns To Protect Cops From Godless July 18, 2016

Joshua Feuerstein urges Christians to carry guns so they can protect cops from the godless.

The Facebook evangelist who once called on Christians to assassinate abortion providers is now urging Christians to take up arms so they can protect the police from “a godless and a disgusting generation.”

In a recent Facebook rant the controversial pastor promised to shoot anyone who threatened a police officer, and urged his fellow Christians to do the same.

As one might expect, the rant is a vile piece of propaganda, laced with racist innuendo: a dog whistle to white Christian supremacists everywhere, and a not so veiled threat to Black Lives Matter activists and anyone else concerned with the endless epidemic of police brutality aimed at the African American community.

The following is an excerpt from Feuerstein’s rant:

… You want to know what the problem is, is that we have this movement in America that is absolutely degrading the lives of good police officers. And… I was raised in a home where we respected police…

Today, we’ve got kids that are growing up in these different homes where the parents are not respecting police or cussing them out and callin’ ’em pigs, telling kids not to trust ’em. That’s the problem!

We’re fostering a generation of people who no longer have respect for authority. It’s a godless and a disgusting generation.

Look, I’m calling on every American citizen — I love Jesus. I love Jesus. I’m a preacher, but you know what? I also carry an FN Five-seven. Filled with 20 rounds of pure brutality right there.

Look. I may love Jesus but if I see you pull a gun on an officer, you want to know whose side I’m on? That’s right. I’m gonna fill you with 60 rounds of pure lead. And I guarantee you you’re gonna have lead poisoning.

Look guys, it’s time that we as Americans, we as Christians — we’ve gotta start carrying guns. Because we gotta protect our superheroes.

Because nothing says “I love Jesus” like the phrase: “I’m gonna fill you with 60 rounds of pure lead.”

Feuerstein is a dangerous and irresponsible provocateur making threats in the name of Jesus. Insinuating that “the godless,” or Black Lives Matter activists are responsible for gun violence in general, or the recent assault on police officers in particular, is ludicrous.  

It would be nice to be able to dismiss this loudmouth blowhard as an irrelevant crank, not worthy of attention. However, the fact that his video has received over 5 million views indicates otherwise.

Bottom line: By urging Christians to arm themselves Feuerstein only contributes to the problem of gun violence in America.

(H/T Friendly Atheist)

(Image via Screen Grab)
(Image via Screen Grab)
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