Report: Trump Campaign Fuels Rise In KKK

Report: Trump Campaign Fuels Rise In KKK July 5, 2016

The KKK uses Trump’s racist rhetoric to recruit more members.  

The rise of Donald Trump is fueling a resurgence of the Ku Klux Klan according to a detailed report issued by the Associated Press.

The lengthy report focusing on the Klan’s 150 years in the United States details how the hate group is retooling for the 21st century, and using the divisive and racist rhetoric of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump to try and legitimize white supremacy.

The report notes:

Joining the Klan is as easy as filling out an online form – provided you’re white and Christian.

According to the report, stopping immigration, not blocking minority rights, is the Klan’s No. 1 issue today. An issue they share with Trump, who has made controversial and racist remarks concerning Mexican immigrants a staple of his campaign.

Klan leaders say Donald Trump’s immigration position and his ascendancy in the GOP are signs things are going their way.

In a series of interviews with The Associated Press, Klan leaders said they feel that U.S. politics are going their way, claiming that membership has gone up as President Barack Obama’s second term in office comes to a close and Donald Trump rises to claim the Republican nomination for 2016.

Commenting on the KKK’s love for Trump, and in particular their love for Trump’s inflammatory and racist remarks concerning Mexican immigrants, Arkansas-based Klan leader Thomas Robb said:

You know, we began 40 years ago saying we need to build a wall.

For more see: KKK Imperial Wizard Endorses Donald Trump

Indeed, the KKK is unified in their support for Trump. Last May the Imperial Wizard of the Rebel Brigade Knights of the Ku Klux Klan officially endorsed Trump for President.

When asked “who is best for the job (of president)”  the Imperial Wizard said:

I think Donald Trump would be best for the job.

The Imperial Wizard explained Trump’s appeal to the KKK:

The reason a lot of Klan members like Donald Trump is because a lot of what he believes we believe in.

More recently, former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke defended and even celebrated an anti semitic, white supremacist tweet released and then deleted by the Trump campaign over the fourth of July holiday weekend.

Bottom line: For all intents and purposes Donald Trump is now an honorary member of the KKK, the poster boy for Christian white supremacy in the 21st century.

KKK (Image via Screen Grab)
KKK (Image via Screen Grab)
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