Jill Stein Worries Wi-Fi Is Dangerous For Kids

Jill Stein Worries Wi-Fi Is Dangerous For Kids August 1, 2016

Fear mongering: Jill Stein says Wi-Fi may be dangerous.

In a recently discovered video Jill Stein argues that the brains of children should not be exposed to “dangerous” Wi-Fi signals, and that computers in school classrooms are really a “corporate ruse” to make more money.

Earlier this spring Stein gave a keynote address at a conference on public education titled: “United Opt Out National: Transcending Resistance, Igniting Revolution.” After her address the presumptive Green Party presidential nominee was asked about the supposed dangers of  “Wi-Fi radiation.”

Stein replied:

We should not be subjecting kid’s brains especially to that.. and we don’t follow this issue in our country, but in Europe where they do, you know, they have good precautions about wireless. Maybe not good enough, you know. It’s very hard to study this stuff. You know, we make guinea pigs out of whole populations and then we discover how many die. And this is the paradigm for how public health works in this country.

Stein is wrong. There is no danger associated with Wi-Fi, and nobody is making “guinea pigs out of whole populations and then we discover how many die.” This is nothing but a most egregious form of anti-science, anti-intellectual, fear-mongering.


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In her remarks, captured on video, Stein not only questions the safety of Wi-Fi, but also claims that computers in school classrooms are nothing but a ploy by big corporations to make money. While such reasoning may appeal to fearful and out of touch luddites, Stein’s fight against computers in the classroom is a misguided and silly fight against progress and modernity.

By suggesting that Wi-Fi is dangerous, Stein is only reinforcing her reputation as another sleazy politician who is willing to sacrifice the truth for votes. By pandering to the extreme anti-science lunatic fringe, Stein sacrifices her credibility, and demonstrates that she is unfit for political office.

Watch the video below, relevant remarks begin around the 1:00 minute mark:

Jill Stein (Image via Twitter)
Jill Stein (Image via Twitter)

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