Ken Ham Calls Evolution ‘Religion Of Death’

Ken Ham Calls Evolution ‘Religion Of Death’ August 18, 2016

Angry creationist claims atheism and evolution are religions.

In a recent Twitter rant, creationist Ken Ham claims evolution is the “religion of death” and atheism is the “religion of naturalism.”

Ken Ham, the man behind Ark Encounter, a Christian fundamentalist propaganda project based on discredited science and a literal interpretation of Genesis, recently went on a Twitter rant to issue a warning about evolution, the “religion of death;” and atheism, “the religion of naturalism.”

Ham tweeted:

Evolution is a supposed process involving death, death & more death–death is a necessary part–death for everyone–it’s a religion of death


Atheism is a blind faith that doesn’t explain the evidence and is not confirmed by observational science-it’s the religion of naturalism

The pseudo-scientist then tried to draw a distinction between atheism and Christianity, tweeting:

Christianity is a faith that explains the evidence and is confirmed by observational science–it’s the true faith.

Ham is wrong. Atheism is not a religion. Evolution is not a religion. And Christianity is not “confirmed by observational science.”

For Ham to claim that atheism or evolution is a religion, is the intellectual equivalent of arguing “I know you are but what am I.” It is a tired and old argument that is often made by frustrated apologists for religion.

Indeed, there is something odd about Ham, or anyone else, defending their religion by claiming that atheism or evolution is also a religion. Such claims come across as a pathetic attempt to try and claim that atheism and evolution are just as absurd as Ham’s particularly absurd version of Christianity.

For the record, atheism is not a belief system, nor is it a religion. Atheism is simply a lack of belief in god(s).  As for evolution, it is also not a religion; instead, it is a scientific theory, and the foundation upon which all the biological sciences rest.

Bottom line: there is no intellectual equivalency between religious belief and atheism, or religious belief and evolution. Ham is wrong.

Ken Ham (Image via YouTube)
Ken Ham (Image via YouTube)
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