Soldier Drowns After Baptism Goes Bad At Fort Campbell

Soldier Drowns After Baptism Goes Bad At Fort Campbell September 9, 2016

Unauthorized baptism results in death at Fort Campbell.

Staff Sergeant Marcus Rogers is under investigation after performing an unauthorized baptism on a government installation that apparently resulted in the death of Army Specialist Dhaifal Ali.

In addition to being a soldier, Rogers is a controversial social media figure with more than 400,000 followers on Facebook. Rogers uses his social media platform to preach a hateful and extreme Christian message that often disparages LGBT people and others who do not share his extreme views.

In his posts, Rogers often appears in uniform while preaching hate filled sermons directed at LGBT people, President Obama, and others. In one post Rogers declares:

Look at the gay people just trying to invade everything. The devil’s voice is loud and clear.

An Army spokesman said Rogers’ posts are not against policy despite his criticism of President Obama and rants against homosexuality.

However, despite the fact that Rogers often appears in uniform while delivering his social media sermons, he is in fact not a military chaplain, and is not authorized to perform baptisms on base.

After NewsChannel 5 Investigates reported on the military investigation into Ali’s death and Rogers role in that death, Popular Facebook evangelist Joshua Feuerstein called on Christians to harass the news station for reporting on the story.

… It’s NewsChannel 5, okay, that’s coming after this incredible young preacher of the Gospel for baptizing [Ali] and essentially, in their story, almost accusing him of murder. Now, I’m telling you, he needs your help… because NewsChannel5 needs to know they can’t run this kind of ridiculous story and expect to get away with it…

Feuerstein’s call for his followers to harass NewsChannel 5 should come as no surprise. Feuerstein has a history of making outrageous claims and accusations. In the past he has called for the assassination of abortion providers, claimed that Starbucks removed “Christmas from their cups because they hate Jesus,” claimed “Obama is Hitler,” asked Christians to fight same-sex marriage with guns, and blamed the “godless” for cop killings.

As for Rogers, he denies playing any role in Ali’s death, despite the fact that images of the baptism gone wrong have surfaced on social media.

When asked for comment, officials at Fort Campbell would only say that the circumstances surrounding Ali’s death are currently under investigation.

Staff Sergeant Marcus Rogers (Image via Facebook)
Staff Sergeant Marcus Rogers (Image via Facebook)

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