Utah Politician Attacks Gay Teen Who Committed Suicide

Utah Politician Attacks Gay Teen Who Committed Suicide September 29, 2016

Despicable: Conservative candidate denigrates teen for being gay and committing suicide.

Utah state senate candidate Jason Christensen is a mean-spirited conservative Christian with no respect for LGBT people, and no respect for those in mourning.

Recently Christensen went on Facebook to vent his angry, anti-gay Christian hate on a thread mourning the tragic suicide of a gay teenager.

Christensen, lecturing mourners on the supposed sins of homosexuality and suicide, wrote:

Yes this is sad, and hopefully God will have mercy on both sins that this boy committed. The sins of homosexuality and the sins of murder.

And in another comment the demented politician added:

Read the scriptures, stop denying the scriptures. I do feel bad for him and his sins. But one must recognize what’s sins (sic) and what is not sin. One must live the Gospel of Jesus Christ and not the Gospel of the Devil.

Understandably, the woman who wrote the original tribute to Taylor was angry about Christensen’s insensitive and despicable remarks, declaring:

Jason Christensen get off my thread now. Not able to block you now but will asap. How dare you! Get the hell off!

(Image via Reddit)
(Image via Reddit)

The exchange has since gone viral on Reddit, and for understandable reasons Christensen has made his Facebook and Twitter accounts private.

On his election webpage, Christensen claims that LGBT equality is part of an “evil communistic agenda,” and refers to homosexuality as “unnatural, and unhealthy.” He also explains his “political awakening,” noting:

… in 2008, I had a political awakening and committed myself to the everlasting principles of freedom and to the defense of the God-inspired U.S. Constitution.

And on his Twitter account Christensen claims to be “a constitutional expert in the field of the original intent of the US Constitution.” However, reading his webpage one gets the distinct impression that the only thing Christensen has expertise in is Christian hate and bigotry.

Christensen is currently the Independent American Party candidate for Utah Senate District 16.

Jason Christensen (image via Facebook)
Jason Christensen (image via Facebook)

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