Jill Stein Wants National Conversation On Oppressive Comedians

Jill Stein Wants National Conversation On Oppressive Comedians October 31, 2016

Jill Stein wants to silence the “oppressive tactics” of “corporate comedians” like John Oliver.

Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein continues to be angry at John Oliver because Oliver lampooned her questionable policy proposals on a recent episode of his HBO program Last Week Tonight with John Oliver.

Writing on her Facebook page earlier this week, Stein laments the “oppressive tactics of corporate comedians” declaring:

… We need to begin having honest conversations about the oppressive tactics corporate comedians continue to do towards already-marginalized groups of people.

This country was built on oppressing The Other (Blacks and indigenous people) and I’m not going to stand for more of this while we deal with major crises in this country that could determine whether we’ll even survive as a species.

Read my statement about how deceptive comedy continues to silence anyone who speaks out against it: jill2016.com/oliveremail

Stein’s complaints about Oliver’s comedy are rather pathetic. Her statement is actually a desperate attempt at fundraising, and blames Oliver for a fundraising shortfall:


Oliver’s comedy was not demeaning or inaccurate, but what is demeaning and inaccurate is the fact that Stein continues to hustle gullible and low information progressives when she has no chance of winning the election.

In her statement Stein suggests that Oliver is really just a tool of the corporations, blaming “John Oliver and his cronies at Time/Warner” for damaging her campaign’s ability to raise money.

Such conspiracy theory nonsense is disappointing and dangerous. Oliver is not some tool of the corporations, he is simply a comedian doing his job, making fun of an inept and inadequate politician like Stein.

Indeed, Stein’s sour grapes sounds a lot like Donald trump complaining about Alec Baldwin’s hilarious portrayal of him on “Saturday Night Live.”

Bottom line: Calling for a national conversation about “the oppressive tactics” of  “corporate comedians” because John Oliver made fun of her is ridiculous and petty. Such a move shows Stein to be as thin-skinned as Donald Trump, and only reinforces the notion that Stein, like Trump, is unqualified, and unfit to serve.

Watch Oliver roast third party candidates, including Stein, below:

(Image via Facebook)
(Image via Facebook)
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